Four-Person SideBar Modular Benching Desk System With Credenza

Product Description

SideBar is a modular desk system that efficiently supports diverse work styles and workplace environments. 

  • Shared workspaces can be individualized with multi-functional storage components. 
  • SideBar accommodates any work style, including benching, private and semi-private ­applications within an open office environment.  
  • Varying levels of bench dividers and storage heights create unique visual planes ­within the workspace.
  • A slim design power and data trough allow easy open access to duplexes and data plates.
  • Easily reach power and data through center cutouts in the work surface, or add surface-mounted power/data modules for desk-height access.

This Four-Person SideBar Modular Benching Desk System Includes:

Quantity and Description

2 Benching End Runs
1 Tapered Leg Support
1 6.75″ High Partial-Width Table Divider
2 Back To Back Low Credenzas


thumbnail of Sidebar by Global

20 contemporary colors to choose from.  If you so desire, you can mix and match the colors of the top, base and front.  4 different edge styles, 2 leg colors, 2 feet colors and 8 handle choices. Contact our workplace consultants for more color customization options plus power book and grommet placement.