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Heavy Duty Industrial Office Furniture

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Tough Office Furniture And Heavy-Duty Office Cubicles For Tough Texas and Louisiana Industrial Environments

Not everyone works in a cushy office environment. Some work in a tough and challenging environment where they may get some dirt under their nails or on their office chairs. If you’re one of them, It doesn’t mean you don’t like nice, functional office furniture. It means you need heavy duty office furniture and office cubicles with industrial finishes.

At ROSI our remanufactured cubicles can be customized to withstand tough environments. At 30-50% off new cubicles, you’ll only notice the difference from new office cubicles when you get the invoice. You’ll save even more when you purchase all your heavy-duty office furniture at ROSI. 

Industrial Space Furniture Needs Include:
  • Office Chairs
  • Filing Cabinets
  • Executive Desks
  • Office Cubicles
  • Workstations
  • Drafting Stools
  • Sit-to-Stand Desks


Since ROSI Office Systems began in 1993, we’ve worked with manufacturing, oil and gas and petrochemical companies challenged by location and environment such as oil and gas, chemical industries, and large-scale construction. We help those companies select incredibly tough, durable heavy duty office cubicles and office furniture that will withstand higher-than-average wear and tear.

Petrochemical Plant on the water

Hard to reach?

We’ve been to some pretty remote locations throughout Texas and Louisiana. The demands of delivering and installing large amounts of office chairs, cubicles or workstations might be tricky to most, but our years of experience have taught us some things to make it easier on everyone involved. Your workspace consultant will strap on their work boots and hard hat to meet at your facility on delivery day to make sure everything goes as planned. If security is required, ROSI employees carry Transportation Worker Identification Credentials (or TWIC) in order to provide uninterrupted service to your facility.

Why you need ROSI at your industrial or construction site:

  • Proven experience within the typical challenges of the environment.

  • Provides high-level project management solutions.

  • Logistics solutions create “certainty” for facility managers on LNG / Refinery sites.

  • Alleviate stress by executing on time deliveries of office furniture and data solutions that enable projects to move forward.

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