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Choosing Office Furniture for an Energy Corridor Company

Starting in the 1970s, corporations in the energy industry started looking for land in proximity to new housing developments to build suburban office campuses. They found a suitable location on the west side of Houston’s metropolitan area, and the Energy Corridor was born. Today, the district is home to some of the most prominent global firms in energy, automotive, and food product distribution, to name only a few of the industries represented. Whatever your field, your office furniture Energy Corridor should reflect on your company as a leader and innovator in your field. That’s where ROSI Office Systems can help.

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Considerations When Purchasing Office Furniture Energy Corridor

When you purchase office furniture for your Energy Corridor office, there are several important factors that you need to take into consideration:

  • Price: The furniture must be affordable.
  • Aesthetics: Your furniture should be attractive to clients and visitors and say something complimentary about your company.
  • Function: The furniture in each office should be appropriate to the work that is to be performed there. If the space is multifunctional, the furniture should be able to adapt accordingly.
  • Ergonomics: Your office furniture should support the people who use it, enhancing their ability to work rather than detracting from it.

In manufacturing and distributing quality new and remanufactured office furniture Energy Corridor, ROSI takes each of these considerations very seriously. We can help you find the perfect solution to meet all of your needs.

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Innovations in Desk Energy Corridor

Companies in many industries are placing a greater emphasis on collaboration between team members. The old system of individual desks and dividers is not conducive to this kind of operation. The current trend is benching, a new workstation design that facilitates collaboration more easily by providing seating and workspace for multiple people at desk-height tables. This allows team members to sit together and work together while also providing space for each to perform his or her own work. If you have rotating workforces that have to move from place to place, benching can be an ideal solution.

In addition to facilitating collaboration and a rotating workforce, benching provides other advantages as well. For example, benching systems are often modular, meaning that they can be configured to fit your space and modified as needed to allow for different tasks. They have a smaller footprint than traditional desks, making benching a more efficient use of space. An open office design that employs benching can help reduce energy costs by allowing more natural light in the area.

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Options for Cubicles Energy Corridor

Of course, there are situations in which benching is not appropriate and cubicles are necessary. Cubicles have a bad reputation for being unattractive, claustrophobic, and isolating, but they don’t have to be that way. New and remanufactured cubicles from ROSI offer several customization options that can help maximize productivity:

  • Materials: The frames should be made of durable material to stand up to many years of use and reuse. REcube cubicles from ROSI start with well-designed Haworth Unigroup steel frames. These can then be customized with various materials to meet your needs. Examples include sound-absorbing acoustical panels and clear or frosted glass stacking units to allow better light flow.
  • Heights: You can choose from different heights of ROSI cubicles based on the work to be performed. Accounting, engineering, graphic design, or call center operations may require different cubicle heights.
  • Size and Shape: In many cases, employees no longer need as much storage in their cubicles as they used to. This allows you to use smaller cubicles, which may be beneficial if you are leasing a relatively limited space. You may be able to make small cubicles feel larger and more comfortable by the options you choose. Cubicles are typically configured in groups of four, six, or eight, but this can also be customized as needed.
  • Color: Cubicle color may not be one of your primary considerations, but it is still significant. It can portray your company’s image and help boost productivity.

Ergonomic Office Chairs Energy Corridor

Whether you choose benching for collaboration or cubicles for concentration, or a combination of both, chances are good that your employees will spend most of their workdays sitting down. To protect them from injury and allow them to keep working at peak efficiency, you must supply ergonomic office chairs that will not put undue stress and strain on them as they work. Characteristics of ergonomic chairs include a mesh back to prevent sweating, support for the lumbar spine, and adjustability for individual comfort.

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