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Your Guide to Buying Used Office Cubicles

ROSI Used Cubicles Buying Guide

In the quest for an efficient, stylish, and budget-friendly office setup, buying used cubicles can be an outstanding option for businesses of all sizes. In this handy guide, we’re providing you with essential tips and insights so you can create a functional and affordable workspace. Why Choose Used Cubicles? Understanding the Benefits and Drawbacks When it comes to outfitting your Read More

Cubicle vs Open Office: Which is Best?

Open Office vs. Cubicles - ROSI

Choosing between a cubicle-based or an open office layout is a crucial decision for businesses aiming to optimize their workspace. Whether you seek enhanced collaboration or value privacy, understanding the different pros and cons of each option is essential in shaping an environment that aligns with your company’s needs, culture, and values. Understanding the Basics: Defining Cubicles and Open Office Read More

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Office Furniture

Buying Office Furniture Guide from ROSI

When it comes to buying office furniture, it’s easy to get caught up in the aesthetics or price and overlook the practicalities. However, making informed decisions is crucial to creating a functional and comfortable workspace. We’re discussing the most common mistakes to avoid, ensuring that your office furniture serves your needs effectively. Understanding Your Space Limitations: Avoiding Oversized Furniture in Read More

How to Find the Best Office Desk Setup

Office Space Design from ROSI

Creating the perfect workspace can completely transform your working experience, boosting productivity and ensuring long-term comfort. But to design your ideal workspace, you’ll need to start by finding the best office desk setup that suits your needs, preferences, and the specificities of your working environment. Let’s dive in and explore how you can plan a home office that not only Read More

Choosing the Right Big and Tall Office Chair

Chairs from ROSI Office Furniture Houston

In the realm of office furniture, one size certainly does not fit all. For individuals with larger or taller statures, the quest for the perfect chair can be a journey of mixed emotions. But don’t worry, because finding a chair that fits like a glove – offering comfort, support, and longevity – is not just a dream. Whether for work, Read More

How to Measure an Office Space for Furniture

Office Design Planning - ROSI

Moving to a new office or revamping an existing one is an exciting but often challenging experience. It’s about aesthetics and ensuring that your office furniture seamlessly fits within the workspace. But before you dive into the sea of furniture catalogs, there’s an essential step to tackle: measuring your office space. We’ve created an in-depth guide on measuring an office Read More

Businesses are Turning to Modular Office Furniture

ROSI Modular Office Furnture

Over the years, office interior design has undergone major transformations, adapting to evolving work cultures, technologies, and trends. One of the most groundbreaking shifts has been the rise of modular office furniture. No longer confined to traditional cubicles, businesses today are harnessing the advantages of modular office workstation setups and redefining workplace aesthetics and functionality as a whole. Why is Read More

Guide to Hybrid Office Design

ROSI Hybrid Office Experts

In the past several years, the world of work has experienced a significant transformation. The once clear boundaries between office-based and remote work have become increasingly blurred, giving rise to a new working paradigm – hybrid work. This model, which has gained considerable popularity amid the rapid digital transformation and lifestyle changes brought about by global events, combines the best Read More

Top Modern Office Trends

The concept of traditional office space – at least as we once knew it – has been radically redefined. Gone are the days when office design was a one-size-fits-all concept; we’re now in an era where personalized, adaptive spaces are the norm. ROSI Office Systems is proud to be at the forefront of this exciting revolution, helping businesses transform their Read More

Tips for Furnishing Your Office Space

A well-planned and furnished office space is essential for the success of any business. It affects employee productivity, well-being, and your company’s overall image. At ROSI, we understand the importance of a functional, appealing workspace – and how effective office design can contribute to the success of your organization.  This comprehensive guide explores practical tips for planning and furnishing your Read More

Affordable Office Furniture Buying Guide

Wide view of office furniture, desks, and cubicles

Affordable Office Furniture Buying Guide Did you close a brand new office space for your business? Or maybe you’re finally upgrading from that worn-down furniture you’ve had for years. Unfortunately, many business owners and office managers go through growing pains at this stage. After all, furnishing an entire office space can take a big bite out of the budget. You Read More

Affordable Furniture for Coworking Office Spaces

Building out an office space is an important stage of growth for some companies. Building out a shared working space is necessary to attract clients for a dedicated coworking office space. In either case, designing a space with the end user in mind is vital. Whether you value privacy, collaboration, or some combination of both, the right space can work Read More

Are Standing Desks Still Popular?

Standing Office Desks from ROSI Office Systems

Why are Standing Desks Popular? The odds are good that you are familiar with standing desks; in fact, you probably know at least a few people who say making the switch was a big part of improving their overall work environment. And if you’re anything like most people who are thinking about using a standing desk, you might wonder whether Read More

Call Center Cubicles

Your Guide to Call Center Cubicles Ranging from durability, design, warranty, space utilization and ergonomics, there are many things to consider when it comes to buying call center cubicles.  A call center space should be designed to last and needs to be ergonomically accommodating as well as warm and inviting. Because call center agents rarely leave their desks and tackle Read More

Reimagining Modern Office Cubicles

Reimagining Modern Office Cubicles

If you are considering your options for office layouts, you are probably thinking about dreary cubicle farms, distraction-heavy open plans, or expensive private offices that discourage collaboration. Fortunately, modern office designs are much more flexible than these standard options. Work has changed drastically over the past two years. Adding modern cubicle styles can help your office adapt.  From furniture styles Read More

Are you Earning the Commute?

Remote Office Workers

Earning the Commute Workplace expectations have changed dramatically over the past two years. In 2022, working from a traditional office isn’t the given that it used to be. Since remote work has become much more common, companies that want their employees to come into the office must think carefully about providing a commute-worthy space. This space design includes the layout Read More

Demountable Walls and SoundProofing Ideas for your Office

Office Soundproofing and Demountable Walls

Demountable Walls and SoundProofing Ideas for your Office As open office plans have become more popular, a growing number of businesses are starting to notice the problems that come with these layouts. While the goal is to encourage collaboration, open spaces can create distractions and make it difficult for your employees to focus on their work.  Rosi Office Systems has Read More

Choosing the Right Office Desk

organized home office desk

Creating the right workspace increases your productivity. The best home office desk will provide a comfortable ergonomic setup and easy access to the tools and supplies you need to do your job. ROSI Office Systems has been helping Houston businesses, and remote workers create their ideal office setups since 1993. How to Choose the Right Work Desk   The centerpiece Read More

Office Moveable Walls Have Flexibility While Saving Money

Change has become a central aspect of the modern workplace as tech companies establish means to evolve and cope with future technology challenges and changing consumer needs. Unfortunately, this is significant but not enough as the world continues to develop post-coronavirus working strategies.  If you want to build a business that withstands waves of change and the Covid-19 pandemic, you Read More

Office Furniture Budget Calculator

Budget Calculator  

Are you looking for a cost estimate for a new office build out or are you just trying to get a price to add a few new workstations to your existing space, our new office furniture budget calculator can help!

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