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New Offering: Custom Casework Lab Furniture

lab furniture

At ROSI, we have been outfitting offices for decades with the latest in quality furniture. Our design team has expertise in choosing furniture that not only meets your functional needs but also arranging it in a way that encourages productivity. This experience allows us to work in a variety of settings, from offices to schools to hospitals and retail. Ultimately, Read More

What Does Education Design Look Like Post Covid-19?

education design

As schools are re-opening around the country, what does education design look like now? Will schools look the same as before? Right now, we have a unique opportunity to change the way we learn as a society. With the proper tools, we can ensure a safe and healthy environment that’s optimal for education. 

Why Your Office Needs Air Purification

air purification

If you think pollen is a problem outside, did you know that indoor air can be up to 5 times dirtier than the air outdoors? Between Spring allergies and stopping the spread of Covid-19 at the workplace, your office may need an upgrade in ventilation. Portable air purification with HEPA filtration is considered by the CDC to be an excellent Read More

Tips For Making Your Home Office More Productive

home office set up

Recent studies show that working from home can be more productive than working in the office. If your company has decided to stay virtual for the long haul, you might be considering upgrading your home office furniture to improve the function and style of your space. As office furniture experts, we have some tips to help you make the most Read More

Top Home Office Chair Round-Up For Every Budget

ergonomic home office chair

Many people working from home may stay that way permanently, at least on a part-time basis. After almost a year at home, you may not be taking that fancy chair at the office for granted anymore. Is it time to invest in your home office seating? As office furniture professionals of over 25 years, we know seating is critical for Read More

Home Office Furniture For Everyone

home office furniture

Back in October 2020, the Pew Research Center found that over 70% of people who can work remotely are doing so – up from just 20% before the Covid-19 pandemic. What’s more, they discovered that 50% of these remote workers would prefer to continue to work at home in the long term. As this temporary solution becomes the new normal Read More

The Best Office Chairs of 2021 for Your Kingwood Office

Office Furniture Kingwood

There is a growing understanding of the effects of a sedentary lifestyle on physical health, yet we can’t avoid work requirements that keep us at our desks for long hours at a stretch. While you can, and should, get up and move around during the workday. It is imperative to make smart choices for office furniture Kingwood that provide you Read More

4 Tips for Using Office Furniture Sugar Land To Upgrade Your Conference Room

Office Furniture Sugarland for Conference Room

Your conference room is an essential part of your company’s productivity. Conference rooms are used for various reasons, from interviewing potential employees and entertaining clients to brainstorming new ideas and holding team meetings with department heads. You’ll spend a lot of time here throughout your career, which means you want it to be well-designed, inviting, and comfortable. These tips can Read More

Beyond Glass Office Partitions Houston: Top 5 Desks for a Home Office

Once you have left the glass office partitions Houston behind in favor of working from home, you may think you can forgo a desk altogether. Nevertheless, many people prefer to equip a home office with a desk. The storage capacity provided and the workspace available help them to maintain peak productivity. The right desk for your home office depends on Read More

Design Safer Offices for Your Employees during COVID-19

wash your hands

As it becomes evident that the COVID-19 pandemic may drag on for many more weeks, even months, it’s apparent that offices will need to be redesigned to keep employees safe. Workplace design has undergone many shifts through the last century, from a traditional separated workplace to open spaces and cubicles. You may be surprised to learn that Frank Lloyd Wright Read More

How COVID-19 Safety Could Change Your Workplace With Office Partitions and Other Furniture

COVID-19 Safety Could Change Your Workplace With Office Partitions and Other Furniture

Can introducing office partitions and other furniture help employees stay safe at work? With the threat of COVID-19 still strong in the U.S., many companies are making massive changes to seating arrangements, equipment accessibility, and company policies to keep their workforce from contracting the virus. As businesses make choices based on their resources, industry, and local ordinances, here are eight changes Read More

What You Can Do To Avoid Germs in Your Home Office Furniture Houston

cleaning laptop with disinfecting wipe What You Can Do To Avoid Germs in Your Home Office

You may have spent the past few months working remotely from your home office furniture Houston. Still, as companies return to business as usual, you may be concerned about cleanliness and safety in the workplace. With good hygiene practices, you can stay safe and healthy, even when you leave your home and go to the office. These tips should keep you and Read More

5 Reasons Why You Should Reopen Safely following CDC Guidelines and How Office Partitions Can Help

Why You Should Reopen Safely following CDC Guidelines and How Office Partitions Can Help

If your work staff has been dispersed to home offices and struggling to maintain productivity in that environment, you may be anxious to return to a regular office setting. You must remember, however, that germs thrive in closed environments where people are gathered together. That is why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released guidelines to help businesses return to Read More

13 Questions To Ask When Buying Home Office Furniture Houston

Questions To Ask When Buying Home Office Furniture Houston

Are you looking for home office furniture Houston, Texas? Do you know how to design your space for maximum productivity? Before you dive into purchasing furniture, ask yourself the following 13 questions. Each question will help you design and decide on the best pieces for your home office. 1. What Is Your Budget? Before looking at any furniture options, determine your budget for Read More

Using Office Furniture Houston and Tech To Boost Productivity

Using Office Furniture Houston and Tech To Boost Productivity

Office furniture Houston may add to the productivity of the office. New furniture, along with the implementation of new technology, has the potential to give your office the boost it needs. In a time where increasing profitability is more important than ever, keeping workers happy and providing them the tools to be more efficient may be what you need to Read More

Introduction to Modern Office Furniture Houston

Modern Office Furniture Houston

If you are shopping around for what office furniture Houston has to offer, you surely want to find the ideal combination of professional style and ergonomic comfort to outfit your space. An understanding of the essential themes of modern office furniture can help you to know what you are looking at as you consider hundreds of different options for your Read More

How Elements Such as Office Furniture Houston Can Impact Employees

Office Furniture Houston Can Impact Employees

When you look for office furniture Houston, you must keep your employees’ needs in mind. Your employees are the backbone of your organization. Everyone is essential, from the person who makes the coffee for the office to the sales team members who directly impact your revenue. Here are five factors that influence how the office setting can affect your team’s Read More

6 Steps to Organize Office Furniture Houston for Optimal Use

Organize Office Furniture Houston for Optimal Use

Getting the right office furniture Houston that satisfies the needs of your employees is smart. If you notice a lag in productivity or motivation, the solution may be as simple as redesigning your workspace. By creating an atmosphere that is optimal for the specific work your team does, you can optimize everyone’s workday. Here are six steps to help you Read More

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