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Choose high-quality lab furniture in Houston that gives your team the best working environment possible. At ROSI, we have a reputation for our excellent quality and total solutions. When precision, durability, quality, and customization are important for your goals, we provide expert lab furniture Houston you can trust every time.

The entire team at ROSI is professional, courteous and willing to help in any way possible. Not only do they provide a quality product, they stand behind their work and go above and beyond to make sure the project is installed without issue. Would highly recommend Alan, Chris and the entire team for any needs that you have in relation to office cubicles and related items! GREAT experience!

– MaryAnn Davis

ROSI recently installed eight used cubicles. They are beautiful. I didn’t know they could look so nice. They used the existing frame and recovered them. They even put in glass so they look very modern. The whole process was fast, painless and cheap. Thank you!

– Jim Plassard

The Complete Source of Lab Furniture Houston

Whether your organization is building a new laboratory or looking to upgrade to modern equipment, we have the solutions you need for success. Find a complete selection of lab furniture in Houston for any project:

  • Lab tables
  • Lab islands
  • Workbenches
  • Balance tables
  • Microscope tables
  • Customized lab casework
  • Custom stainless-steel furniture
  • Chemical fume hoods

We can help you outfit one or more laboratories to the exact specs your research or company processes require. If you want excellent results, it makes sense to invest in the best lab equipment.

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High-Quality Lab Furniture in Houston for Any Application

We have extensive experience partnering with businesses and research teams in Houston and beyond. We have solutions for a variety of laboratory environments:

  • R&D labs
  • Clean rooms
  • Medical/clinical/biotech laboratories
  • Food service QA labs
  • University research labs
  • Forensic labs
  • Wet labs
  • Engineering labs

Working with experts in lab equipment means we understand exactly what you’re looking for. Our team can provide everything you need to outfit a new lab or replace older equipment with lab furniture in Houston designed to last for ages.

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Versatile Lab Furniture in Houston

From lab furniture in Houston with chemical-resistant coatings to customized casework with security in mind, our products help you build the ideal lab for your needs.

Lab Islands

Make it easy for your team to move from one station to another with high-quality lab islands. Choose from many different work surfaces, storage options, and added features for your specific laboratory, such as sinks and gooseneck faucets.

Balance Tables

Full-frame construction, vibration reduction pads, and anti-vibration surfaces are a must for the precision required for sensitively calibrated laboratory equipment. Our balance tables provide a range of surface specs, including epoxy resin, phenolic resin, and stone. They’re designed to stand up to harsh chemicals, flammable liquids, and corrosive materials.

Microscope Tables

Our customized workbenches have a huge impact on your team’s productivity. Make sure every team worker has the storage space, work area, and illumination needed. Custom solutions fit your lab’s total floor area and team size by making smart use of vertical space.


Our custom microscope tables contribute to a clean, uncluttered, and efficient working environment. They provide maximum stability and vibration dampening features, along with designs that hide cables and provide accessible power options.

Mobile Lab Furniture

In test kitchens, schools, and university environments, the focus may be less on rigorous research and more on teaching or brainstorming. Mobile lab furniture in Houston ensures students or project members can get involved.

Modular Lab Tables

Adapt to the specific requirements of each project quickly and effectively. With modular lab tables, it’s easy for your team to create a layout that feels comfortable and productive.

Fume Hoods

Find countless kinds of fume hoods for any laboratory. Our fume hoods meet the specs your work requires, including chemistry hoods, biosafety fume hoods, ductless options, PVC stainless-steel hoods, custom safety glass enclosures, and much more.

Customized Stainless-Steel Lab Furniture

Stainless steel lab tables provide unparalleled strength, durability, and precision. They make it easier to maintain a clean, sterile working environment. We offer custom layouts with adjustable shelving, modular construction, and more.

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Custom Casework

One of the keys to maximizing productivity and available workspace is to organize lab equipment, chemicals, research materials and other items wisely. With custom casework, your lab remains as spacious as possible, and it has the security your project demands.

The Benefits of Customized Lab Furniture From ROSI

With our custom lab furniture Houston, your team can maximize productivity. The right lab furniture lets you create a smart workflow that provides great results with minimum time investment. Lab islands and modular lab tables contribute to better organization, ensuring every team member stays on the same page.

Another reason it’s important to select high-quality lab furniture in Houston is that it provides better ergonomics. Whether your team needs to stay highly mobile or seated most of the day, we can supply lab equipment that fits your work schedule perfectly. Comfortable researchers can focus better, and a happy team benefits from better efficiency, too.

Our custom stainless-steel tables, microscope tables, balance tables, and other lab furniture always deliver incredible precision. We stake our reputation on it. We know how important it is for R&D teams, medical personnel, and researchers to have completely accurate data. The ROSI name means you get quality that lasts.

Lab Furniture Houston Experts

At ROSI, we do more than provide a complete range of high-quality lab furniture Houston. We also offer assistance designing custom lab layouts. The best lab often has various work surfaces, lab islands, lab tables, and casework. We show you several alternatives so you can build the ideal laboratory while staying within your project budget. Contact us right away for more information or immediate assistance.

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