Office Space Dividers

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The office has changed abruptly since Covid-19 became a harsh reality. In order to make it easier for companies to welcome back employees, we’ve compiled a list of office dividers that will assist with the new office layout.

Whether you need a desktop separator, standing height division, or countertop shield, we’ve got what you’ll need to keep employees safe.


  • Two workstations side by side. A silver based stool is placed at each side, with a Split frosted acrylic screen in between. There is a framed mirror and plant resting at each work station.
  • office cubicles
  • Facing an Evolve Wellness (model) screen.
  • Two office desks, using Straight (model) screens, which are made of frosted acrylic. The taller desk is at the right, with a rolling office chair to the side.
  • Wide shot of tall Border (model) screens lining the back and sides of two L-shaped desks. Each screen uses clear acrylic, and has a small spacer in between. Two shorter screens divide the desks on the side, with the top panels using frosted acrylic. Each desk has a computer monitor, with a phone at the side.