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At ROSI Office Systems, we offer high-quality office solutions in Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas. Whether you work from home or have a sizeable office space you need to create, our experts can help make it happen.

Which Type of Office Furniture Do I Need?

Office furniture design has come a long way in recent years, giving way to many innovations and new styles, but this can often leave shoppers feeling overwhelmed. When searching for new office furniture, the first thing you want to consider is functionality. You want to ask yourself, “what pieces are necessary for comfort and productivity?” By searching for pieces that fit your needs first, you’ll find out what styles these pieces come in effortlessly—after that, creating a cohesive appearance in your office space becomes a lot easier.

The Best Office Furniture Source in Houston

At ROSI Office Systems, our goal is to help you create a functional, cohesive office space in Houston. Whether you’re looking for items for your at-home office, cubicles, or a brand new receptionist’s desk, we have the product that fits your needs and looks great in any workspace.


ROSI Office Systems has a vast selection of new, remanufactured, and used cubicles. You can get up to 70% off new and list pricing by shopping with us! Our office cubicle selection allows you to perfectly tailor your office space to fit the needs of every employee, creating a productive and comfortable workspace.


We offer a wide selection of modular benching solutions for your office that allow you to design the perfect space for your office shape and layout. With options for open office environments, semi-privacy, and complete privacy solutions, you can create an office space designed for your business model. Break up the typical “cube farm” with innovative benching that produces unique visual planes across the office.


Our extensive range of desks is designed to fit various office needs. Whether you’re working from home, in a private office, want to try a standing desk, or need a new space for your receptionist, we have solutions for you. We have the perfect desk for your area waiting for you, with many shapes and sizes available.

Architectural Products

ROSI Office Systems has the solution for you if you require privacy solutions like acoustic screening and privacy walls. We also offer a large selection of sneeze guards, perfect for your receptionist’s desk or places where you may be interacting with the public frequently.


ROSI Office Systems has a large selection of seating options for conference rooms, private offices, task seating, and more for offices in Houston, TX. We also offer ergonomic and big & tall seating options for the utmost comfort, allowing everyone in the office to feel their best while at work.


Our tables are perfect for every need in your office. We have you covered whether you need tables for conference rooms, standing height desks, training rooms, reception areas, or cafe seating. Our tables are stylish and functional for all the needs of your workspace.

Lab Furniture

If you need furniture solutions for your lab space, ROSI Office Systems can help. We offer custom lab casework, fume hoods, lab benches, seating, and more. Whatever you need for your lab, we can help create the perfect space that fits your needs.

Filing & Storage

Filing cabinets are often overlooked but are an essential aspect of your office. Our filing and storage solutions are durable and well organized to allow you to store sensitive documents safely while seamlessly blending into your workspace.

Working From Home

With an increasing workforce transitioning to working from home, it is essential to have an office space that helps you be productive. Our home office furniture does just that. Our functional pieces come in multiple shapes and styles to allow you to create a productive environment right in the comfort of your own home.

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If you’re looking for furniture solutions for your office, contact us today to see how ROSI Office System of Houston, TX, can help create the perfect space for your business needs.

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