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Why Buy Remanufactured Instead of Used Cubicles for Your Office in San Antonio, TX?

Purchasing used cubicles may seem like the only option for businesses that need to save money furnishing their offices in the San Antonio, Texas, area. Buying used products certainly does offer cost savings; however, it’s not the only, or even best, option. Remanufactured cubicles offer similar savings, but they provide a much better value for the investment.

Remanufacturing – not to be confused with refurbishment, which may involve little more than a simple cleaning – is a comprehensive process. It involves stripping used cubicles down to their frames and completely rebuilding them with new fabrics, trim, panels, work surfaces, and other components. When compared to used or refurbished workstations, remanufactured cubicles are:

  • Higher quality – Remanufactured cubicles are essentially new, so they’re far less likely to need replacement or repair.
  • More attractive – Used cubicles are often sold as-is, which means products may be worn looking whereas remanufactured cubicles look like they just rolled off the factory floor.
  • Customizable – Because remanufactured cubicles are rebuilt from the frames, you’ll be able to choose from options such as sizes, partition heights, work surface materials, and more.

ROSI Office Systems Inc. is proud to offer the REcube line of remanufactured cubicles, providing savings of 30 to 50 percent to businesses in San Antonio, TX. Our meticulous, in-house remanufacturing process ensures our clients receive exceptionally durable and attractive products that are tailored to the needs of their businesses.

To learn more about the advantages of purchasing remanufactured workstations from ROSI Office Systems Inc. instead of used cubicles for your office in San Antonio, TX, contact us today.

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