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Demountable Walls in Houston, TX

Demountable walls are movable walls that let your business become agile in the wake of employee uncertainty. Imagine walls that are easier and less expensive to install than drywall? Now imagine that 100% of demountable walls are reusable.

Demountable walls have gained popularity due to high construction costs and frequent employee turnover. Businesses have had to get smarter dealing with churn rate and office reconfigurations. They are easily reconfigured or relocated without the waste associated with fixed construction and come in many finishes. Paneled partitions come in a number of different substrates. The most cost-effective uses of gypsum. Unlike traditional drywall, demountable walls are not taped. The square frame holds the panels together for a nice clean look. Demountable walls can be covered in fabric, vinyl or writable surfaces.


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Movable walls are popular for so many reasons:

  • 100% Movable
  • LEED certification contribution
  • Tax advantages
  • Beautiful glass finish available for natural light saturation


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Let’s compare drywall to movable walls:

  • Movable walls provide the same sound privacy as drywall
  • Faster installation – can reduce your installation schedule by days
  • Less expensive than drywall.
  • Unlike drywall, demountable walls are 100% reusable.

Movable walls are set up either on top of carpet or grid so it speeds up construction.  Glass wall systems are designed with adjustable deep pockets. Glass is ordered at the same time the framework is which speeds up installation.


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Our local Houston demountable wall manufacturer means your walls will be ready fast and support is a short drive away.

Local means less expensive since your walls are made down the street and don’t need to be shipped into Houston. Locally-made walls cost 25% less than the major national company with the same warranties and guarantees.

Local means help is just a phone call away. Demountable walls are made in Houston, employing Houstonians, by a company in business for 30 years.  If you ever have an issue with your walls or need them reconfigured, it takes one phone call or email to get it done fast.


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