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Change is the only constant in the corporate real estate market. There are times when companies no longer need existing office furniture assets and want them evaluated and liquidated quickly. But, before you take these assets to the landfill, it’s best to get everything assessed as some office furniture may be turned into cash or earned credit toward new office furniture.

ROSI offers full service liquidation and decommissioning services to our clients.

Liquidation services include the assessment, valuation and removal of existing office furniture assets from a facility. The valuation of existing furniture is determined by many factors including but not limited to the following:

  • Quantity – how much of the product matches (sets vs parts and pieces)?
  • Age – when was the product originally manufactured?
  • Manufacturer – who is the original equipment manufacturer?
  • Style – is the product traditional, contemporary or transitional?
  • Type – is the product workstations, freestanding office furniture, reception furniture, etc.?
  • Condition – is the office furniture damaged, scratched or broken?
  • Location – what is the physical address of the product?
  • Removal timeframe – is this a process that must happen immediately?
  • Removal conditions – are there teardown and removal restrictions based on building policy or conditions?


There are 3 different outcomes of valuations:

  • Your existing product has above average value for existing product and ROSI will compensate you for the product
  • Your product is average value and ROSI would remove the product for you at no charge.
  • Your product has no value and ROSI would charge a fee to remove your furniture.

The next step in the process is removal. Our trained and insured furniture technicians will quickly disassemble products and remove them from your facility in a manner than protects existing walls and non-carpeted floor areas. If needed, ROSI will broom-sweep the office area in preparation for final walk-throughs by property management personnel.

Finally, ROSI is an environmentally friendly company and will make every effort to repurpose existing furniture assets thus re-routing them from landfills.

While the office furniture asset liquidation process is progressing, another option may be ROSI’s unique “furniture banking” program that enables companies to earn a credit that is created from the value of existing surplus furniture. This furniture credit can be used against the purchase of new furniture from ROSI. Many companies warehouse large quantities of office furniture that becomes obsolete over time. This process is expensive considering storage and asset management costs. The ROSI furniture banking process turns these products into cash that is used to modernize office environments. Before you throw old and tired products into a dumpster or landfill, give ROSI a call to determine if you qualify for a furniture banking account.

Most leases require the exiting tenant to return the space to its original condition. This includes removal of furniture, cable abatement, wall patching and trash disposal. When office space decommissioning is required, ROSI’s seasoned liquidation team can provide all the necessary support, valuation and clean-up required by your lease. The ROSI liquidation team provides logistical support as well as all services above during the decommissioning and liquidation process. Call us today to get started on your decommissioning project.

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