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Office Relocation Services

Office relocation services from the right company can turn a stressful move into an exciting new chapter of business. Contact Rosi Office Systems Inc today.

Moving your office to a new location is at both an exciting and stressful process. On one hand, you feel eager to move onto a new chapter of your business. Whether you’re downsizing because more people can now work from home or up sizing to bring in new hires, greener pastures await you. The key, of course, is getting there. On the other hand, there is also the stressful part. As many business owners have discovered over the years, office relocation services can make all the difference.


Turnkey Move-In Experience

Many office relocation companies do not handle the entire move process for you, leaving several steps you need to complete yourself. By the time you’ve finished all this work, the only thing your moving guys did was to move the equipment from one location to the next.

There are times when this is just fine. You might not yet have the other office space fully set up or plan to do some figuring out as you go along. If you have willing teammates on hand, you may also feel confident in completing the process on your own. However, there are instances where you want a true turnkey experience.

At ROSI, we offer both options. We ensure that everything is set up according to your specific requirements. Here are some of the individual service offerings that make this possible:

  • An on-staff manager to coordinate the entire moving process and ensure a seamless transition
  • Your manager is your single point of contact to ensure you have reliable updates every step of the way
  • White-glove movers who handle the packing, moving, and unpacking of your equipment
  • Expert furniture disassembly for move and reassembly upon arrival
  • Cleaning up the vacated office space


Technology Services

People often hate moving at work more than they do in their personal lives. The main reason for this is the tech. As much as you look forward to a swanky new office, the idea of reconnecting everything all over again sounds like a nightmare. While employees and your IT team scramble to figure out the reconnection of cables, your business experiences downtime. The inability to serve customers effectively can be a direct profit hit.

Having the right tech team on hand to reconnect everything exactly as it should be eliminates this problem. Work with a moving company that does more than simply plug everything back in. Our dedicated IT workers also test each piece of equipment to ensure it works. Is the fax connecting to the new landline? Do all computers turn on? Can you print from each workstation? Is everyone connected to the internet and the LAN? These are all just a few of the issues you need to resolve before our staff can get back to work.

There are additional technical aspects that need to be considered. If you don’t have an in-house tech team, this can cause additional stress. Here are five common moving needs that are handled by our team:

  • Cabling services for data and voice
  • Disconnections and reconnections
  • Hardware deployment
  • Data center relocation
  • Equipment testing


Office Equipment Management

Another important aspect of ensuring you hit the ground running is the furniture and equipment. Whether you plan to keep your current furniture or upgrade to new pieces, we can handle the setup process on your team’s behalf.

If you have old furniture that you would like to repurpose into a new look, we can make it happen. Our team is qualified to not just repair, but also refurbish furniture and equipment. This is a great way to save money. If your furniture requires wall-mounting and other complex configurations, there’s no need to hire another contractor. Whether it’s lab equipment or file cabinets and overhead storage on cubicles, our team has the skills needed to install them.

While moving offices, you may discover several items you don’t need in your new space now but you still want to hold on to. You may also have equipment you want to keep until you open a second location or maybe sell it. We offer storage solutions that you can begin taking advantage of the very same day you move out of your old space.

All assets that pass through the doors of our warehouse get tagged and scanned into the system. This insures against misplacement or loss. You can also keep track of what gets moved out of storage and how many people have access and when.


New Office Preparation

Managers often wait until close to moving day to call on our expertise. A far more proactive approach is to reach out to us at the beginning of your decision. We can help prepare the new office space ahead of time. One of the first services to get out of the way is a thorough cleaning. If the previous tenants did a poor job or the place has been empty for quite some time, it’s crucial to have the office cleaned before you settle in the new office.

You also need to plan out the new space before moving in. Where will your office go along with the employees’ setups? Will you have an open office concept or use cubicles to offer more privacy? Do you plan to make space for a breakroom with a coffee maker? What about finding a place for the printing and server rooms?

In more high-end buildings, you may get offered prepackaged services to design the space before your move-in date. However, you can count on higher-than-normal prices for these services. Coordinating with your moving company not only leads to a lower price in these instances; it also ensures we fully understand your vision and are in an even better position to provide you with the ultimate turnkey experience.

Get Moving Today

There are several steps to the moving process. Trying to keep track of them all can feel overwhelming. Partnering with a company that specializes in this area can take the stress out of moving, so you can focus on enjoying the next phase of business. For more information about our office relocation services, give us a call at 713-766-5722.


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