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When shopping for home office furniture, the road ahead may begin to look isolated, but there’s an entire community of remote workers. From digital nomads to fully employed stay-at-home parents, remote workers cover a wide range. CNBC estimates that 43% of Americans work from home at least occasionally, while 5.2% of Americans work from home entirely.

So, as a remote worker, what does your ideal home office look like? At ROSI Office Systems, this is one of the first questions we ask our clients. Then, we work with you to create a space that is functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Assessing Your Needs

When you decide to build a dedicated office for work, it’s important to consider what your needs are before picking out furniture. Some digital nomads only need a laptop, WiFi connection, and a coffee mug to start working. Other remote workers often need more equipment:

  • Printers and copying machines
  • Fax machines
  • Dedicated work phones
  • Multiple displays
  • Secure filing cabinets
  • VPNs

If you’re an employee of someone else’s company, talk to the manager. They can give you a much better idea about what you need to work from home. The company might also chip in to help cover costs or might provide some of the equipment you need, but sometimes you have to ask for those perks to get them.


Considering Ergonomics

There are a lot of home office furniture pieces labeled as ergonomic, and they probably are, but ergonomics comes down to your work style. For instance, if you sit in your chair for long hours at a time, using a yoga ball is unlikely to feel comfortable. Similarly, if you tend to stand and pace the office a few times during your work shift, being able to raise your workspace to a standing height feels like a blessing.

Limitations also determine ergonomics. If you have particular health conditions or disabilities, our ROSI team can work with you to find furniture pieces that best meets those needs. Ergonomics is the cross between functionality and comfort, so it’s impossible to provide this without first considering the individual needs of a person.


Finding Your Aesthetic

One of the biggest advantage of working from home is that you no longer have to follow company protocol about what you can have up on your wall or your desk. Unless you see clients at home, you can throw traditional professional decor out the window and create something that reflects you and your preferences.

Start by browsing home offices online. Make a list of all the different features you notice that stand out to you. Pay special attention to seating arrangements, desk size, and storage. Also, consider if there’s a certain look you’ve always wanted to try or a bit of nature you want to bring inside. Tackling these pointers first help lead you to your dream office.


Creating an Office Plan

Choosing the right office furniture is only part of the plan. You’ll also need to figure out what goes where. ROSI contractors take measurements of your room and work with you to determine which furniture piece may function best in what area to reduce clutter and the potential for accidents.

Relying on space planning and design services is especially important if you plan to see clients in your home and if the room is small. Small rooms get disorganized easily and soon begin to pose hazards for you, your family, and your guests. Professional design can alleviate these problems.


Determining the Logistics

Many people dream of the best possible office plan and select all their furniture only to realize it cannot fit. What can fit depends on not just the room itself but other aspects of your home:

  • How wide is your front door?
  • How wide are your hallways?
  • Do you have a regular or a narrow, spiraling staircase?
  • Can anything fit through the window if necessary?
  • Is your office on the second floor or the first floor?

ROSI contractors visit your home, take the proper measurements, and determine any alternative routes to getting your desired furniture into the office. This ensures an easier delivery and installation process, so you can start working from home faster. If you have an existing home office, we’ll also help you determine how best to remove the current furniture and how to store or dispose of them.


Figuring Out the Backend Work

To install faxes, dedicated landlines, and VPNs, you need technical help. Some companies have contractors at the ready to assist, but it can feel a little invasive to have your boss’ contractors in your home. ROSI can help by handling much of this work on your behalf:

Cabling Work: We can help with cabling installations for voice, video, and data. This service includes managing copper infrastructure, fiber optic cabling, and later repairs.

Connections: If you’re unfamiliar with connecting and setting up your devices — or would just rather not do it yourself — we can help with this too.

Equipment Testing: Once everything is assembled and connected, our team conducts system tests to ensure everything works as it should. If you later find something is amiss, give us a call.


Getting Started

When it comes to home office furniture, ROSI has chairs, desks, storage, tables, and additional seating for you to choose from. If you cannot designate an entire room to your home office space, you might even consider cubicles; we provide those too.

Some clients only need help to source the right furniture pieces, and we are happy to assist with this. However, we also understand that choosing the right parts is just the beginning of the process for others. For more information about how we can help, give us a call at 713-766-7722 today


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