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Available Financing

We understand that in today’s ever-changing business environment that “cash is king”, so ROSI offers customers affordable financing up to $ 1.5 million with payment terms ranging from 36 to 84 months. Simple credit documentation enables our clients to receive credit decisions within one business day. Better yet, our clients only pay $ 99.00 a month for the first three months.
Equipment financing preserves precious cash flow, while spreading out payments over a fixed period of time, enabling a business to manage expenses, and reinvest profits for future growth. Most office furniture companies require a 50% deposit up-front and then the final 50% upon delivery. On a typical purchase of $ 50,000.00, companies must write a check for $ 25,000.00 just to get the ball rolling. By utilizing ROSI financing options, that same company will write a check for just $ 99.00 and furniture will be on the way.

ROSI Office Systems Offers You:

  • Access to 100% financing with a simple approval process.
  • Fast credit decisions measured in hours, not days.
  • Keep cash flow intact allowing you to reinvest in business and make it grow.
  • First 3 Months @ $ 99.00 per month before regular payments begin.
  • Flexible payment plans available. Choose the monthly payment plan that best fits your budget.

The ROSI Promise:

  • All components of your ROSI furniture purchase can be financed, including freight, delivery, installation and sales tax.
  • Our support team will walk you through the entire process. It all starts with a one-page application form below.

The “talent war” is getting tougher every day and your office furniture and environment can make or break a company when trying to hire and retain top level talent. Smart buyers are utilizing flexible financing solutions offered by ROSI to update their office interiors and become a destination that energizes and empowers employees to be the best they can be. Call ROSI today and let us help you create an office that inspires growth and increases productivity.

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