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A Variety of Modular Office Furniture Available to Businesses in San Antonio, TX

Modular office furniture allows businesses in San Antonio, Texas, to remain agile and adapt to changing circumstances. If your business experiences high turnover or is expanding rapidly, or you would simply like to introduce more flexibility into the office floorplan, then ROSI Office Systems Inc. has a range of furniture solutions to help.

Modular Office Furniture from ROSI


If you’d like a versatile workstation solution that provides employees with the privacy that they need while maximizing the efficiency of your floorplan, then cubicles are a great choice. ROSI manufacturers our own cubicles, including Synergy – our sleek and modern line of new products, and REcube – our remanufactured line. REcube offers all of the benefits of new workstations. In fact, they are built with brand-new components from the frames of preowned Haworth workstations. However, they cost 30 to 50 percent less.


No other workstation solution allows for a higher concentration of employees to work comfortably. Benching can be easily moved from place to place and is exceptionally affordable to set up.

Demountable Walls

ROSI’s demountable walls provide businesses with the flexibility to create offices, conference areas, and other sections within their office without a long-term commitment to the setup. Movable walls can be relocated whenever your needs change. And, they are much more affordable than installing drywall.

If you’d like to learn more about all of the modular office furniture that ROSI Office Systems Inc. provides to businesses in San Antonio, TX, then contact us today.

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