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"Modern Office Furniture Houston"

Modern Office Furniture for Business in Houston, TX, and the Surrounding Areas

At ROSI, our modern office furniture Houston, TX  increases employee productivity, encourages collaboration, and leaves employees feeling happier and more motivated in the workplace.

There’s no doubt about it: using the right furniture in your office is important. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Your office furniture reflects the nature of your business to potential business partners and clients.
  2. It increases the morale and productivity of your employees. Employees perform better when their furniture is comfortable, safe, and attractive.
  3. Everyone likes walking into a clean, neat, and orderly office that has an attractive and professional appearance.
  4. An elegant, warm, and inviting atmosphere welcomes guests for positive business interactions.
  5. Chic and professional furniture boosts the brand value of your organization.

In most cases, employees are more motivated when their work environment is modern, clean, and organized.

Since 1993, we have been providing modern office furniture that is durable, functional, and attractive to business in Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas. We have extensive experience creating premium furniture at competitive prices to businesses of all sizes and industries.

Over the years, ROSI has gained mass attention for our trust, quality, and superior design. Our clients know that they have the freedom to choose from a variety of different furnishing styles, including:

All of our modern office furniture is from top brands, including Global Furniture, Mayline, Cherryman, ESI, and Indiana Desk, and much more. Because of this, our clients feel confident knowing that our furniture is made from high-quality materials that ensure long-term durability.

Introducing the Modern REcube

Made by our local craftsmen, the REcube is made by remanufacturing durable Haworth steel frames into custom fabrics for renewed life.

Our REcube cubicles undergo an intensive remanufacturing process that involves stripping the workstations to their steel frames and replacing the panels, fabric, work surfaces, and more. You can also add custom features such as glass panels, paint colors, and fabrics.

Though they look and function like new, our REcube products cost 30% to 50% less. You can choose from our low wall cubicles, customized design cubicles, or power-packed executive cubicles.

Our Synergy Line Cubicles

Businesses needing new workstations might want to consider our Synergy line. These cubicles have a highly modern-looking appearance that is sure to enhance the atmosphere and look of any office.

What’s more, we can customize the workstations work surface and panel heights, paint and trim colors, and storage options. Added customizations make it easy for you custom-design your cubicles down to the smallest of details.

Call ROSI Office Systems Inc. Today

We help our clients design their business office place from inception to completion. From cubicle space planning and execution to after-sales service, we are here every step of the way!

Our team takes your space requirements, budget, and pre-existing design into consideration when creating a highly functional workspace for your business. You can expect a professional, welcoming, and elegant office space ideally suited for business growth.

If you want to learn more about our modern office furniture available, contact us today at (713)-766-5722. We proudly serve businesses in Houston, TX, and surrounding areas.

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