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ROSI takes used, durable Haworth steel frames and recovers them in custom fabrics for a renewed life. ReCube remanufactured used cubicles are made in our Stafford, TX workshop by local craftsmen. Custom features are available such as glass panels, paint colors, and fabrics.

ReCube performs flawlessly in any environment and come in several wall heights, including low-paneled, open cubicles.

ReCube counts toward LEED points and diverts tons of waste from the local landfills.

The BEST part? ReCube costs a fraction compared to new. You’ll save between 30% to 50% and no one will know you helped save the planet with used cubicles–but you can brag. We would!

remanufactured used cubicles
6x6x42-8pack remanufactured cubicles with glass panels
remanufactured haworth cubicle 6x6x42