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2016 Collaborative Office Design Trends


2016 Collaborative Office Design Trends

2016 Collaborative Office Design Trends

In 2015, there were many opinions about the rise of open office designs. The key feature of the open office was collaboration and the best thing about a collaborative office design is how versatile it is. The 2016 collaborative office design trends will continue to foster an environment where teamwork is made easy. With mobile technology, employees are no longer required to sit tied to their office cubicles. In 2016, you’ll begin to see more offices offer alternative work areas that move away from the traditional office desk.

Look for these 5 office design trends:

Adjustable Standing Desks.

Standing desks at the office continue to gain momentum and are expected to grow even more popular in 2016. Adjustable office desks that give employees the option of sitting or standing will be prevalent to prevent sitting disease and foster workplace wellness. Expect to also see more companies moving to standing meetings to keep team members awake and moving.

Office Privacy Pods.

There has always been one flaw when it comes to open, collaborative work environments – privacy. It’s easily managed by adding privacy pods where employees can work quietly when needed. These pods can be shared by the office and offer a way to embrace all work styles.

Office Comfort Areas.

Employers would like for workers to feel “at home” and why not since the average worker spends 60% of their week at the office! Expect to see more offices that look like living rooms with couches, chairs and coffee tables filling offices instead of office desks. These will be truly collaborative work environments, with employees sitting in comfort, working on projects together.

Modular Office Furniture.

Modular office furniture is adaptable and easily configured for impromptu meetings. Modular pieces that fit together in different ways and offer a quick sit down meeting will be big in 2016.

Colorful Office Workstations.

Expect bland, stiff work environments filled with grey tweed to become a thing of the past. Color is king for 2016! The idea is if you organize your work environment with color, it will help your thoughts to be more organized and colorful. Bringing color into the office will boost happiness, productivity and creativity.

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