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Active Office Product You Need: Bike Desk


Active Office Product You Need: Bike Desk

Active Office Product You Need: Bike Desk

Just when I thought active office furniture in Houston couldn’t possibly get more innovative – it does! By now you may have heard of the wildly popular treadmill (or walking) desk. But have you ever heard of a bike desk?

What Is A Bike Desk?

Simply put, a bike desk is a combination of a stationary bike and desk. Lifespan Fitness makes two models that are getting rave reviews, each with different features. The Unity Bike Desk is a all-in-one unit ready to use right away! It’s manual, so there are no cords or maintenance to worry about. Move it around your home or office easily and fit in a workout. It offers 7″ of height adjustment, a comfortable, contoured seat, and built in hook storage for a very affordable price. The Unity Bike Desk is perfect for the office, school, or home!

If you like more advanced features, Lifespan makes an electronic model with an LED display, console readouts, and USB charging. Their C3-DT3 Under Desk Bike is small enough to fit under most standing desks (if you already have one), but you can also bundle it with a desk made to pair perfectly with your new bike.

Both models come with exceptional comfort and adjustability as well as whisper quiet pedaling operation. High quality construction means you won’t be distracted by vibration.

Advantages of A Cycling Desk

Firstly, it’s great exercise! You’re sitting down for a good part of the day anyway, why not get those legs moving for a mini Tour de France? Bike desks are small footprint, taking up less space than a walking desk which makes them great for smaller offices. Using a bike desk has been shown to increase productivity and reduce stress. It can even improve your problem solving skills and creativity. Sounds like a win-win to me! If you’re looking to incorporate new active office furniture in Houston at your workplace, the bike desk would be a great addition.


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