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Benefits of Buying New Office Furniture


Benefits of Buying New Office Furniture

Benefits of Buying New Office Furniture

There comes a time in every office manager’s life when she must ask the question, “Is it time for my company to buy new office furniture?” Perhaps your business is moving to a new building, you’re expanding, you’d like to encourage more collaboration with a more contemporary open office plan, or maybe your old furniture is on its last legs (literally) and it’s time to upgrade. No matter what the reason, ROSI knows office furniture. We can help you create a functional space that works hard so you won’t have to.

Benefits of Buying New Office Furniture

The 1970’s called and wants their desk back.

If you are still using the 500-pound metal desk and matching olive green padded chair from 1970s then it’s definitely time for an update. Today’s office furniture is lightweight and adaptable to the changing collaborative needs of your associates. Plus, it’s more technology friendly, with built-in cabling and charging stations. New and contemporary furniture shows customers and clients that you are forward-thinking.

Investment speaks to growth.

It’s true, buying new furniture is a big investment. But nothing reassures a new client (and your employees) more about your plans for future growth and confidence in your business quite like a big investment. A new remodel is exciting and it shows your customers and staff that you plan to stay in business for the long haul.

Your employee wellness.

The lowly office chair has come a long way over the years — from a squeaky-wheeled, back breaker to a lumbar-supporting, perfect-arm-resting seat of productivity. Show your employees you care about their long-term health by investing in ergonomic chairs and standing desk workstations equipped with monitor arms that won’t leave them with a sore neck come 5 o’clock.

It has a warranty.

Today’s office furniture boasts longer (sometimes lifetime) warranties allowing you to call on the manufacturer to repair any broken parts and pieces. In addition, newer furniture is now required to be compliant with strict manufacturing standards. Also, many any of today’s pieces are modular allowing for interchangeability to easily refresh the furniture’s appearance or to extend its longevity.

New office furniture is tax deductible.

For small businesses, the cost of your office supplies (including office furniture) is tax deductible. Be sure to consult your tax accountant for more details on what deductions are permitted. If you want to purchase new office furniture in Houston before year end, start the process no later than the first week of December.

ROSI knows your interior work environment is a considerable investment and must produce a dynamic space, which showcases your company image. ROSI is ready to help you plan and execute your next office move, expansion or re-design. Contact us today!

Office Furniture Budget Calculator

Budget Calculator  

Are you looking for a cost estimate for a new office build out or are you just trying to get a price to add a few new workstations to your existing space, our new office furniture budget calculator can help!

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