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Workplace Strategy: What Is It?

what is workplace strategy

Workplace Strategy: What Is It? Whether you’re looking into an office overhaul with your growing company or starting from scratch with a new company, you’re bound to come across the term “workplace strategy.” So, what does that mean? Who needs it? Workplace Strategy  Workplace strategy, simply put, is the consideration of how the physical office environment affects the company’s business Read More

Active Office Design

what is workplace strategy

Active Office Design Have you been hearing a lot of buzz about active office design? Maybe you’re wondering what it is exactly, or if it’s something you should invest in as a business owner. Do you need to have a more active office? The short answer is: YES! What Is Active Office Design? Active office design is a fairly simple concept. Read More

Office Design Of The Future

Office Design Of The Future It seems we are always looking ahead to the next design trends in office design– and for good reason. The workplace is constantly changing. Different needs arise and research sheds light on controversial topics. Plus, we are always striving for an improvement in the quality of life during those 40+ hours a week you spend Read More

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