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How Elements Such as Office Furniture in Houston Can Impact Employees

When you look for office furniture for your Houston company, you must keep your employees’ needs in mind. Your employees are the backbone of your organization. Everyone is essential, from the person who makes the coffee for the office to the sales team members who directly impact your revenue. Here are five factors that influence how the office setting can Read More

The Pros and Cons of a 4-Day Workweek

4-Day Workweek in the office

From as far back as 1956, President Nixon predicted that the four-day workweek was closer than most people might think. Today, it is indeed a reality for many employees. In most of these instances, people work 10-hour shifts for four days per week. Still, this is not quite what Nixon meant. Instead, he and many others before him predicted that the Read More

Modern Office Furniture for the Modern Workplace: How To Choose the Right Furniture

Modern Office Furniture

The office needs to be a place of comfort and productivity. Unfortunately, the furniture options that are often chosen don’t always contribute to efficiency and effectiveness. For many business owners, a desk is just a place to work, but for employees, a desk is a significant part of their daily routine and can contribute to or distract them from their Read More

Office Design Of The Future

Office Design Of The Future It seems we are always looking ahead to the next design trends in office design– and for good reason. The workplace is constantly changing. Different needs arise and research sheds light on controversial topics. Plus, we are always striving for an improvement in the quality of life during those 40+ hours a week you spend Read More

8 Ways to Improve Employee Happiness and Your Bottom Line

8 Ways to Improve Employee Happiness and Your Bottom Line Happy employees are three times more creative, 31% more productive, and have 37% higher sales than unhappy employees.  Check through this list to see how you might affect your employees’ happiness and your company’s bottom line. 1) Review these Gallup survey questions that help determine employee happiness and survey your Read More

How to Work With Four Generations Under One Roof

How to Work With Four Generations Under One Roof How do you run a business with four generations of team members and do it successfully? Through feedback and rewards – however – that’s the tricky part because each generation perceives them differently. The Mature Generation Born before 1946, the Mature, WWII Generation are more dedicated to their jobs than any Read More

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