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Modern Office Furniture for the Modern Workplace: How To Choose the Right Furniture

Modern Office Furniture

The office needs to be a place of comfort and productivity. Unfortunately, the furniture options that are often chosen don’t always contribute to efficiency and effectiveness. For many business owners, a desk is just a place to work, but for employees, a desk is a significant part of their daily routine and can contribute to or distract them from their Read More

Active Office Design

what is workplace strategy

Active Office Design Have you been hearing a lot of buzz about active office design? Maybe you’re wondering what it is exactly, or if it’s something you should invest in as a business owner. Do you need to have a more active office? The short answer is: YES! What Is Active Office Design? Active office design is a fairly simple concept. Read More

The Right Fit: Angled Corner Worksurfaces vs. Straight Worksurfaces

where to put your computer in your office cubicle workspace

The Right Fit: Angled Corner Worksurfaces vs. Straight Worksurfaces Sometimes it seems like there are unlimited choices when it comes to choosing desking for your office. Style, finishes, ergonomics, and space limitations all play a role in the decision. But first, you have to decide if you are looking for a straight worksurface or an angled corner worksurface. Which one Read More

Office Design: Collaboration or Privacy?

Office Design: Collaboration or Privacy? The International Management Facility Association states that nearly three quarters of employees in the United States are currently working in open floor plan offices. An office without walls allows employees to easily interact and collaborate. This collaboration can lead to innovations that could really add to a company’s bottom line. Many high-tech companies have embraced Read More

How To Maximize Office Space With Space Planning

How To Maximize Office Space With Space Planning A great way to maximize your office space and give it an updated look is through office space planning.  Not only does it help accommodate a large number of employees under one roof, it helps to increase your office’s team efficiency through the sharing of information and resources. Important Factors to Consider Read More

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