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The Right Fit: Angled Corner Worksurfaces vs. Straight Worksurfaces


The Right Fit: Angled Corner Worksurfaces vs. Straight Worksurfaces

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The Right Fit: Angled Corner Worksurfaces vs. Straight Worksurfaces

Sometimes it seems like there are unlimited choices when it comes to choosing desking for your office. Style, finishes, ergonomics, and space limitations all play a role in the decision. But first, you have to decide if you are looking for a straight worksurface or an angled corner worksurface. Which one is best for your office?

angled corner worksurfaceAngled Corner Worksurfaces

The most popular style of angled desk is, of course, the “L” shape. These are seen often in cubicles, but also make appearances in private offices. They are versatile because they can maximize the work surface, but typically leave more of the floor area free. In larger spaces, you can see both “U” and “T” shapes as well, offering a large amount of work space and room for chairs on either side. The layout of a desk like this also makes it easy to move from one side to the other, which may be beneficial for certain jobs. 

Large worksurfaces are certainly beneficial, but one thing to consider is monitor placement. Often times people set-up in the corner, which was advantageous when monitors were large and bulky. It made use of what can otherwise be an awkward space. However, with the popularity of flat panels now, it may be unnecessary to use the corner space as the primary work area. Sometimes sitting in the angled part of the desk gives employees the feeling of being “snuck up” on, and they would feel more comfortable working at a part of the desk with better sight lines to the rest of the office.

office benching workstationStraight Worksurfaces

A straight worksurface is exactly as it sounds – a classic desk, usually rectangular. The major benefit of a desk like this is that it has flexible placement options. Unlike “L” shaped desks which typically wrap around walls, a straight desk can be either placed along a wall or floating in the middle of an office. There are also many more style options with this type of desk, as well as ergonomic features like sit-to-stand. However, they aren’t always the best space-saving solution. If you need a very large work area that’s easily accessible with the quick spin of a chair, it may not be the best fit. 

Both angled corner worksurfaces and straight worksurfaces have pros and cons, and it’s important to weigh those when deciding which style will work best for your office. But, regardless of which one you choose, make sure to consider the ergonomics of the desk for each employee. Provide an ergonomic task chair so everyone can sit at the proper height and get a comfortable fit. Perhaps some people would benefit from a standing desk or a sit-to-stand option. Accessories like adjustable monitor arms make it easy to put the display at eye level and can be used on all types of worksurfaces.

ROSI specializes in helping you make these decisions for your office and can assist you with all aspects of your desking needs. Contact us today for a free consultation. We can assess your office space and help you choose the best fit for your employees. 

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