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3 Ways To Create Ergonomic Lighting % Ergonomic Office


3 Ways To Create Ergonomic Lighting


3 Ways To Create Ergonomic Lighting

A dark, poorly lit office creates a work environment that is depressing and draining. Creating a well-lit office space with plenty of natural ergonomic lighting not only gives employees the opportunity to see better but to practice beneficial posture while they work. Is the lighting in your office space fostering productivity, energy, and comfort? Read on to find out how natural light in the office contributes to ergonomics and benefits everyone in the workplace.

When we try to determine what is causing bad posture and fatigue at work, we often blame bad office chairs or lack of sleep. While these are important factors to consider, there is another key element that drastically affects the work environment: proper ergonomic lighting.

In recent studies, researchers have determined that poor lighting can lead to problems like eye strain, headache, and a decrease in productivity. Providing a truly ergonomic workplace reaches beyond providing proper office furniture in Houston. Providing well-lit work stations and ample access to natural light increases productivity, energy, health and comfort in the office. If your workspace is lacking natural light and well-lit workspaces, it is time to brighten things up.  Your brain, your body and the quality of your work will reap the benefits.

modern meeting space with floor to ceiling window emitting natural ergonomic lightAdd Natural Light For Ergonomic Lighting

Natural light is the most beneficial, cost-effective, and healthy way to brighten up the office. Try these helpful tips to incorporate ergonomic lighting in your workspace:

Windows: Taking advantage of all available office windows is the first step to ensuring sunlight makes its way inside. If there are windows in your office space, try re-arranging workstations to face these wonderful natural light sources.

Remove any old blinds or curtains that may be blocking natural light in the workplace. Try adding office sofas and tables near windows to provide well-lit multipurpose workspaces. This method will provide employees with a change of posture, a break from their usual workstations, and time to soak up plenty of sunlight.

New Lights: Harsh fluorescent light bulbs in the office can be hard on the eyes. If there aren’t enough windows to provide plenty of natural light in the office, make up for it with full-spectrum bulbs. These bulbs provide the closest substitute for natural light in the work environment.

Full spectrum light bulbs are available to fit almost any desk lamp and overhead light in the office. Replace every harsh LED light with a more natural-feeling bulb that provides brighter, gentler and healthier light at each workstation. This will enhance vitamin D intake, boost energy & productivity, and contribute to the ergonomics of the office.

Outdoor Workstations: Increasing natural light in the workplace is not limited to the office itself; think outside the box by encouraging time to work or rest outdoors during the day.

Find an accessible spot outdoors and add a table and chairs to promote posture changes and provide a flexible workstation with unlimited natural light. This method greatly helps with workplace ergonomics by promoting healthy breaks, providing a source of sunlight, and encouraging employees to reap the benefits of fresh air.



Does your office lighting need an ergonomic boost? We can help with that and so much more. Contact us today to get started with a free ergonomic assessment.


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