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Office Design Influences Employee Happiness


Office Design Influences Employee Happiness

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Office Design Influences Employee Happiness

Many office managers have already discovered the link between office design and the happiness of employees. In turn, businesses have found that workplace happiness ties directly to worker retention. It’s a no brainer, right?  With people spending one-third or more of their lives at work, the atmosphere of one’s workspace influences employee happiness and productivity, not only at work, but also in their personal lives.

There is a reason why a dull, lifeless office space is the backdrop to any good office comedy show.  These spaces of the past feature bad lighting, cramped office cubicles and dreary gray paint.  But in reality who wants to work there? The office design trends of today features a more comfortable atmosphere filled with varied workspaces.

When designing your next office space, be sure to include these elements for a happier work place:  

Diverse Meeting Spaces

Forget the old adage that if an employee isn’t chained to their assigned office desk, they are just goofing off somewhere else.  With the mix of diverse workspaces, impromptu meetings occur anywhere in the office at any point throughout the day.  It’s important to design an office space that allows for the free flowing of ideas and information.  Employees will spend more time brainstorming solutions to problems and create more innovation.  

Quiet Spaces

We all know by now that “office design” featuring one giant open room with a bunch of office desks and office chairs doesn’t work for everyone.  While taking down the partitions of 6-foot office cubicle wall does create a more connected community, it also creates a lot of noise.  Noise to someone who must concentrate on focused work is disruptive.  Thus, it’s important to create quiet spaces so that individuals can have confidential conversations or work on projects that require a high level of focus.  


Florescent lights of the 90’s are out.  Not only are they an eyesore but they can also cause fatigue, eyestrain, headaches and irritability.  Search for a new office space that gives your employees access to natural light.  If your office space is short on windows, invest in light therapy devices that can mimic the health benefits of natural light.

Room Color

White colorless rooms are not inspiring and they don’t make employees happy.  The colors around us have an effect on our moods and brain function.  Blue has said to elicit the most productivity.  Be sure to select a color that matches your industry and business goals.  

Room Temperature

No matter the temperature outside, inside the office nobody should have to work with gloves on.  Temperature has shown to be the number one factor in employee happiness.  Be sure to keep the office between 65-68 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Office Flexibility

One of the biggest factors to happiness is allowing your employees to choose where they want to work.  Give employees the choice of which space is best for their work responsibilities.  On any given day, a worker may transition from a large group office table to a private office desk to a standing workstation.  Not every employee works the same way. Flexible office environments respect the unique needs of each employee.  

In the end, the best method for promoting happiness in your employees is to actually ask them what type of office design works best for them.  If you find your business looking to turn your employee’s requests into a functional office design, contact one of our designers at ROSI Office Systems.  Our knowledgeable team will help you transform your office space into one that helps employees thrive and keeps them happy all year long.



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