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Decorate Your Office With Colors To Increase Productivity


Decorate Your Office With Colors To Increase Productivity

Decorate Your Office With Colors To Increase Productivity

If your office walls are painted a dull, lifeless gray, it may match your disposition and efficiency at the office. Studies have shown that colors don’t just change our moods; they also profoundly impact our productivity, for better and for worse. That’s why it’s best to decorate your workplace with a vibrant medley of stimulating hues that increase output and spark creativity.

From the factory floor to the office cubicle and beyond, here is how you can harness the power of color to increase productivity.

Blue:  Blue is the perfect color for mind stimulation. It’s a great color choice for professions that require the need to concentrate for long periods of time such as an accountant or doctor. It also evokes trust and security.

Green:  If your work environment requires a strong sense of balance then green might just be the color that makes you the most productive. Green is calming and reassuring. It’s great for people who work long hours especially at an office desk job. Green will help with eye fatigue.

Yellow:  Yellow is the choice for someone who is in need of a creativity boost. You’ll see it a lot in the offices of designers or inventors. Yellow stimulates your inner self. It’s inspiring, happy, playful and optimistic.

Red:  Choose red if you need to be productive doing something physical, such as at a gym. It stimulates you physically but if you have a highly stressful work environment it’s not the best choice as it can also stimulate your heart rate and raise your blood pressure. The color red is connected to words like vigor, energy and ambition.

Check out the colorful infographic below, from Taskworld, makers of an online task and project management platform.

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As you decide on the colors that will inspire creativity and productivity in your employees, consider that color can be added in a variety of ways.  Not only can you paint the walls and replace the carpet, but you can also select office furnishings with your choices of fabric and finish colors.

When it’s time to update the look and functionality of your office, call ROSI Office Systems.  With high quality, low cost new and remanufactured office cubicle systems to our popular office furniture rental program, ROSI Office Systems has helped growing companies throughout Texas spend less for over 20 years.






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