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Remanufactured Cubicles And Used Cubicles

Better Than Used Cubicles – Buy Remanufactured and Save 30-50%! 

Are you looking to purchase used cubicles for your new or growing business? ROSI creates a custom selection of remanufactured cubicles (REcube) using Haworth cubicle frames that save you 30-50% compared to new office cubicles, but are so much better than used cubicles. We customize them in-house to ensure that you will get the system you need with new fabrics and many awesome custom features, which maximizes productivity and minimizes cost. But, what exactly are remanufactured cubicles and how do they differ from used cubicles?

What are remanufactured cubicles?

Remanufactured cubicles (REcube) are completely re-built using the existing framework of the Haworth used cubicle. New high-end fabric, paint and trim is then attached to the remanufactured cubicles creating a product that is essentially a new cubicle at half the price!

ROSI restyles and reimagines used Haworth cubicle frames in their Stafford, Texas workshop just outside of Houston. REcube work stations are covered in durable and fashionable fabrics and sized to fit your office cubicle needs. Glass panels are available as well as many other customizations. Since Haworth makes exceptionally durable all-steel frames that last for decades, REcube by ROSI are incredibly sturdy and long-lasting. Plus ROSI is able to produce identical work stations or cubicles when you find the need to expand.

What are the benefits of buying remanufactured cubicles?

  • Haworth cubicles are built with high-quality materials that last decades. These cubicles use 100% metal frames, which will outlast some of the newer cubicles that use wooden structural materials. ROSI’s refinishing process removes any defects and freshens the look. Imagine being able to buy a used Toyota with new interior, new paint job, and a rebuilt engine with a warranty. That is essentially what a remanufactured cubicle offers.
  • ROSI always uses the same base product for our remanufactured cubicles, so if you need to expand down the line you know that you can come back to us to purchase more, and the new cubicles will work with the ones you already have. We also offer FREE space planning services for all remanufactured cubicle services, which you can learn more about here.
  • Price and value is another reason our customers choose to buy remanufactured cubicles. Because we buy so many cubicles at a time, our cost is much lower per cubicle than buying a new product. Buyers typically save between 30 to 50% compared to the cost of buying a new cubicle with the same specifications.
  • REcube workstations or cubicles provide LEED design credits. These credits may contribute to the Houston (Harris County), Texas, tax incentives of 1% to 10% of construction costs, depending on certification.*
    • 1 point: MR Credit 3.2 Materials Reuse – Furniture and Furnishings
    • Requirements: Use salvaged, refurbished or used furniture and furnishings for 30% of the total furniture and furnishings budget. Potential of an additional point for exemplary performance at 60%.

Checklist when buying office cubiclesHow do remanufactured cubicles compare to other cubicles?

We talk to many people about the merits of remanufactured cubicles versus used cubicles in the Houston area markets. What we have noticed is that many folks believe remanufactured and used are the same, however, they are very different. Please see our blog post, “How to Decide Between New, Remanufactured, and Used Cubicles” for a full table that compares price, lead time, warranty, fabric and configuration options, along with advantages/disadvantages of each option.

What custom options are available with remanufactured cubicles?

ROSI is the only cubicle remanufacturer in the Houston area to provide so many customizable options, such as, partition heights, fabrics, trim finishes, work surfaces, and storage. ROSI will also incorporate glass into the cubicle panels for effective office light management. Please click here to see more customizations available for remanufactured cubicles. 


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