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Retain Employees With The Right Office Furniture And Office Design


Retain Employees With The Right Office Furniture And Office Design

Retain Employees With The Right Office Furniture And Office Design

Have you ever been offered employment but turned down the job after you saw WHERE you would work? I was once offered a technical administration position where my desk was located in a window-less storage room with a very small desk shared by two people. Walking in there during the company tour was depressing and I knew that 40 hours spent in that hell hole would suck the life right out of me. The perks and the pay offered were decent enough but the working conditions were not.

According to Bullhorn, today’s workforce has a serious skills gap, and many industries are facing crucial shortages. As employers scramble to fill skilled positions, taking a hard look at your office space and design could pay off by attracting and keeping top talent. A big determining factor for employee happiness is primarily the environment in which they work. From how comfortable the office chairs are to how much space is allotted for each office cubicle, each detail of the office layout must be considered, as even the smallest aspects of the workspace mean a lot to employees on a day-to-day basis.

So, how can you retain employees with the right office furniture and office design? Here are the top office design influencers to help keep employees from going elsewhere:

Offer Varied Workspaces

You hired your employees for their individuality and skills so it’s important to understand that everyone works differently. Offering a variety of workspaces shows that you recognize that not everyone creates in the same way. People are productive in different environments depending on what they are working on at the time. Create office cubicle quiet zones for working on tasks that require concentration and construct informal meeting spaces filled with movable modular office furniture including standing desks and leaning stools that make for easy collaboration.

Noise Control

Noise has a negative effect on performance with cognitive related work. On average, it takes workers 23 minutes to get back on task after an interruption. Make it easy for employees to escape the noise of open plan workspaces. Offer noise canceling headphones and install sound masking technology in these quiet zones.

The Right Lighting

It’s essential for your workspace to be full of natural light. Natural light keeps employees alert and engaged. You may choose to light your communal areas differently using a warmer light that allows employees to relax and recharge when they are away from their office desks.

Use Vibrant Colors

If you want more happy and enthusiastic employees, choose brightly colored office furniture. Colors directly affect a person’s mood so stay clear of a dull and lifeless color palette. Using color in the office is a good way to alleviate stress, as well as increase productivity.

Keep An Organized Space

Be smart about space and offer plenty of storage options. A disorganized office filled with stacks of messy papers and binders is going to deprive workers of the enthusiasm and zeal to properly work. A clean and well-organized office, on the other hand, is going to keep workers comfortable and they’ll have the ability to be more productive in whichever task they’re performing.

A well-designed workplace will help to attract top talent, as well as, keep them happy and satisfied. The right office furniture and effective office design can work wonders in cultivating a loyal and long-standing employee base.  ROSI Office Systems offers free office space planning and office design to all of our prospective customers. Our trained staff creates 2D and 3D drawings to maximize square footage and support business objectives. Our goal is to create incredible workspaces with office furniture in Houston that boost productivity while upgrading the look of your office environment. Contact us, today.




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