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Key Features To Look For When Selecting Healthcare Furniture


Key Features To Look For When Selecting Healthcare Furniture

Key Features To Look For When Selecting Healthcare Furniture

Nobody likes to take a trip to see the doctor and most people find a hospital visit very intimidating. Anything that can be done to make the experience less stressful should be top priority for medical facilities and hospitals. In order to make patients and guests feel comfortable, hospital facility managers should consider many factors when selecting healthcare furniture. Ease of cleanliness and safety should be of utmost importance.  In addition, choosing stylish and comfortable pieces can help your patients feel more at ease during their stay.

Here are key features to look for when selecting healthcare furniture:

Easy To Clean Furniture

The best way to keep your facility clean is to simply buy furniture that is easy to clean. In a medical facility, surfaces of chairs, tables, and desks can be breeding ground for viruses, bacteria, and mold. When selecting healthcare furniture, choose those with surfaces that are nonporous and free of seams and creases where germs can lurk. Antimicrobial surfaces and upholstery are a must in order to reduce the spread of sickness and illness-causing microorganisms.

Safe Furniture

Another important factor to consider is safety. Remember that people of all ages, shapes and sizes need to be seated safely. Hospital and medical facility furniture should feature padded armrests that are comfortable and easy to grip yet sturdy enough that it will not tip over. On the same note, armless chairs should also be provided as an option for larger patients to use, if needed. Remember, creating a healing atmosphere involves giving your patients the freedom to choose where and how to sit.

Durable / Long Lasting Furniture

Not only do you want your furniture to last a long time due to the expense and aesthetics of the pieces, but also having durable furniture keeps patients safe. When it comes desks and tables, be sure to get furniture that won’t scratch easily as scratches on table tops can become a quick breeding ground for germs that are then easily spread between patients. Choose upholstery that is moisture-resistant and able to withstand regular wear in a busy waiting room or exam room.

Comfortable Furniture

When visiting the hospital, particularly in the case of emergency, people rarely come alone. So, it’s important to not only consider the comfort of the patient but for the families as well. It’s vital to make your guests as comfortable as possible during their time of distress, especially if your guests are in any pain. This not only helps patients feel at ease but it also helps them to stay calm and happy.

A healthcare facility doesn’t have to be cold, unwelcoming and intimating. And, there’s no reason why the furniture can’t be comfortable, safe and durable. If you need help selecting the right healthcare furniture for your hospital or clinic, contact ROSI Office Systems to schedule a free consultation. We’ll help you create a warm, friendly and safe environment that will put your patients at ease.





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