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Florescent Lighting vs. Natural Lighting


Florescent Lighting vs. Natural Lighting

Florescent Lighting vs. Natural Lighting

Florescent lighting. Am I the only one that thinks about the movie “Joe vs. the Volcano” when you see it? (My husband would argue that I’m the only person that saw Joe vs. the Volcano, period). Maybe, but there is one scene in the movie where, after being “complemented” on his not-so-hot-appearance, Joe looks up from his desk to the florescent drop down ceiling lights…, he exclaims, “I, I, I, I can feel them sucking the juice out of my eyeball. Suck, suck, suck, SUCK…!”

Joe is not alone. Fluorescent lights are a common light source in office workspaces. Fluorescent lights are cheap to buy compared to how long they last (about 13 times longer than regular incandescent bulb) and cheap to operate requiring a fraction of the energy incandescent bulbs do. But they can be incredibly bad for your health and negatively affect your work efficiency.

The latest focus for office designers is to create a work “wellness space” that includes more natural light. Over the last two decades, exterior windows have gotten bigger, skylights have gone from uncommon features to important parts of modern architecture and doors have changed from solid wood or metal to, in many cases, sheer glass. The right balance of natural light has been proven to boost employee productivity. A recent study compared two groups of people, one being exposed to daylight, the other to artificial light over the course of several workdays.

According to his study, people who had a diet of daylight were “significantly more alert” at the beginning of the evening while the sunshine-stricken were “significantly sleepier” at the end of the evening. The Swiss neuroscientist concludes that even short-term afternoon lighting conditions have an impact on evening task performance, which sheds some light on the 4 p.m. slump—we’re not getting enough sun.

So, if you are looking to change your office design layout and increase employee wellness and productivity, seize the opportunity to improve your office’s interior and think not just about its aesthetics, but its ability to provide great natural light flow. A naturally lit office is healthier and more productive – two great motivating factors to make changes. Need help?  Contact ROSI Office Systems Inc. for a free consultation today!










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