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Add Feng Shui To Your Office


Add Feng Shui To Your Office

Add Feng Shui To Your Office

Whether you’re one of many workers in a row of office cubicles or the CEO with sweet corner accommodations, your office is the place where you are expected to create, inspire, and do your best work. But if you’re spending more time in your office managing stress and frustration than you are doing your job, it could be time to inject a little feng shui into your day.

Feng shui (pronounced “fung shway”) is the ancient Chinese practice of arranging physical objects to attract positive energy. It’s based on the idea that everything in a person’s surrounding environment affects his or her inner life. It is believed that the placement of objects in a room, building, or other space will affect the flow of chi (life force or essential energy) within the space. If there’s good chi flowing, whoever’s in the space will get a boost of positive energy and promote wellness to all.

Attaining feng shui can be easy by just making a few adjustments. Follow these do-it-yourself simple tips to bring about more positive energy into your workspace:

  1. Obtain Good Back Support in Your Chair
  2. Clear Clutter from your Desk
  3. Keep your Office Comfortable
  4. Surround yourself with Healthy Plants
  5. Have a Space to call your own
  6. Brighten Up your Office
  7. Make sure to have a Separate Workspace from where you eat or sleep
  8. Hang a Crystal nearby
  9. Have an Office with just One Door
  10. Pump in Peaceful Sounds

If your office needs even more help than you can manage, our ROSI Office Systems designers can help you create vibrant and successful energy into any office space. Contact Us today!



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