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Customizable Modular Bivi Workstations by Turnstone


Customizable Modular Bivi Workstations by Turnstone

Customizable Modular Bivi Workstations by Turnstone

This year’s NeoCon showcased a large variety of vendors but they all seemed to focus on the same goal. The goal was to improve designs from the previous year with more focus on employee wellness and the importance of moving around at work. And just as we expected, sit-stand options were everywhere. One such vendor, was Turnstone by Steelcase. They took their Bivi system to another level with a well thought-out, health related strategy featuring amazing, customizable workstations and seating options. The Bivi workstation allows users to work in a limitless amount of postures: standing, seated, or lounge, to support focus work, collaboration or socializing. The design possibilities are endless and awesome with simple modularity that adapts to any organization.

Also, new this year is Turnstone’s Shortcut Seating. It’s a modern and versatile office chair that has a comfortable armrest that sits you up higher to make collaboration easier. Pairs perfectly with your standing desk.

To see more about the Bivi Workstations by Turnstone, take a look at this NeoCon2015 video interview by

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