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2 Ways To Overcome Noise Distractions In An Open Office


2 Ways To Overcome Noise Distractions In An Open Office

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2 Ways To Overcome Noise Distractions In An Open Office

In an open office environment, you’re dealing with noise distractions. It can come in the form of music, phone conversations or impromptu desk meetings.  If you work somewhere trendy then maybe you’ll even find yourself working amongst the backdrop of a Ping-Pong match.  Any of these noise distractions can make for a stressful environment. The frustration is even greater for introverts forced to accomplish goals in a workplace designed for extroverts.  And maybe it’s not just an introvert’s problem. The lack of noise control in an open office design can be distracting for everyone.

A 2014 study by Steecase and Ipsos found that workers lost as much as 86 minutes a day due to noise distractions.  Ask any open office employee and they will be quick to share a frustrating story about dealing with loud noise distractions.

So, how can you overcome noise distractions in an open office environment?

Noise Absorbing Furniture

From high paneled office cubicles to fully designed “work lounges,” soft and padded acoustical office furniture in Houston will absorb noise and create a sense of cocooning.


Acoustical office furniture in Houston is available in all ranges of colors, sizes, and modular pieces. They are easy to mix and match based on your specific office shape and employee needs.


Sound absorbing office furniture in Houston is so versatile.  Place it almost anywhere within the office environment. The pieces can conform nicely to a corner or can be a part of the central command area.

Try Sound Masking

What is sound masking?  It sounds counter productive but it’s actually the addition of a background noise. It’s less distracting, however – like the sound of air flow. And its natural sound can greatly reduce noise pollution. This continual background sound will muffle human speech and create far less noise distractions.

The end result is a work environment of privacy and comfort.  These noise-reducing systems works with any type of layout. Often, the whole system runs on its own wireless network and uses little energy.

If you’ve found noise control to be a problem in your workplace, contact ROSI Office Systems. Our trained staff of consultants will meet with you to walk through a thorough needs analysis process. We then provide best-in-class office furniture in Houston designs and solutions that overcome workspace challenges, such as noise distraction. Your dedicated project manager will listen to everything your business requires to bring you solutions and a plan!


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