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Work Lounges an 'Introvert Oasis' in the Open Office


Work Lounges an ‘Introvert Oasis’ in the Open Office

Work Lounges an ‘Introvert Oasis’ in the Open Office

While at Neocon 2015, I came to the drastic realization that I am an introvert through-and-through. Wandering the busy and crowded maze of booths, elevators, stairwells and cafe’s gave me plenty of moments to panic. As I was about to come undone, I took notice of the cozy and quiet office work lounges scattered throughout the many levels of open office workstations, bench desking and other airy and collaborative office set ups (Introvert for invasion of privacy).

My very favorite was this cozy nook from Inscape’s new Domain line (shown above). As soon as I plopped my tired and overwhelmed butt down into the seat, it felt like a warm hug and all noise disappeared. At one point, the owner of the company came by and I thought I may have worn out my welcome. But, it was so difficult to leave the cozy confines of this space.

As I continued exploring, my introverted heart was in its happy place as I realized all the opportunities to duck into another privacy lounge. There were so many examples. This one from Golly had a whimsical style and I thought it would look great in creative office environments, as I enjoyed the quiet confines.


someone would need to poke me once in awhile to make sure I was awake! #neocon2015 #privatespaces A photo posted by ROSI Office Systems (@rosi_office) on

To sum up my Neocon 2015 experience, I was so excited to see all the new products and, selfishly, the new privacy lounge offerings were my all-time favorite and will be hard to beat at Neocon 2016. The extraordinary office furniture designers had better get busy. I will be expecting something spectacularly tranquil and secluded. Perhaps they’ll come up with the first horizontal cushion lounge topped with overstuffed pillows and down. We could call it the bed lounge and the new dress code could be PJ pants. Oh wait! I’m already living that design reality at my home “office”. See you next year Neocon, I cannot wait to see what you have in store.





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