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Ergonomics for Remote Working in a Home Office

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Work from Home Ergonomics: The Basics

As more people transition to full—or part-time remote work, setting up a home office prioritizing comfort and efficiency has never been more important. Ergonomics is key in ensuring that your workspace boosts productivity and supports your physical well-being.

Let’s dive into what ergonomics means for your home office and how to use the basic principles to create a healthier and more productive remote workspace.

What is Ergonomics and Why Does it Matter?

Ergonomics is the science of designing a workplace that meets the user’s needs, aiming to increase comfort, efficiency, and productivity while minimizing discomfort. The idea is to arrange your workspace to fit you and your job. When your work setup is ergonomically correct, you’re less likely to experience work-related injuries and can work more efficiently.

In remote work, where professionals might not have access to typical office amenities, understanding and implementing ergonomics is crucial to creating a positive work environment at home.

To get started with improving your home office setup, you’ll want to take a closer look at these components of your space:

  • Chair: Investing in a good ergonomic chair can significantly impact your comfort and health. Look for chairs that offer support for the lower back, adjustable height settings, and armrests to ensure that your feet stay flat on the floor and your arms rest comfortably at desk level.
  • Desk: The height of your desk should allow you to type on a keyboard with your wrists and forearms straight and level with the floor. This helps prevent repetitive strain injuries. A sit-stand desk can also be a great addition, allowing you to change your position throughout the day, which can help reduce back pain and increase energy.
  • Monitor Position: Place your monitor directly in front of you, about an arm’s length away, with the top of the screen roughly at or slightly below eye level. This setup helps avoid neck strain from looking up or down too long.
  • Lighting: Good lighting is crucial to avoid eye strain. Make sure your office is well-lit, preferably with natural light. Avoid glare on your computer screen; use an additional desk lamp if needed.
  • Organization: Keep essential tools within reach and design your office layout to allow you to move around freely. Excessive reaching or twisting can lead to discomfort and injury.

Proper Desk Ergonomics for Remote Work

Focusing specifically on your desk setup, here are some detailed tips to ensure your workstation is as ergonomic as possible:

  • Desk Height and Equipment Layout: Check that your desk height allows you to keep your wrists and forearms straight and your eyes level with the top of the monitor without straining. If your desk is not adjustable, consider using risers to achieve the ideal height. 
  • Keyboard and Mouse Placement: Position your keyboard and mouse close to each other and at a level that allows your elbow to stay close to your body in a relaxed position. Use a mouse that feels comfortable in your hand, and consider a keyboard with a slight negative tilt to maintain a straight wrist posture. 
  • Desk Accessories: Utilize accessories like a document holder, which can be placed between the monitor and the keyboard to prevent neck movements from looking down to refer to paperwork. 

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