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Millennials In The Workforce Explained


Millennials In The Workforce Explained

Millennials In The Workforce Explained

If you work with millennials or identify as one, this article is for you. It’s a shame that they have acquired a bad reputation over the years. They’re called lazy and entitled- how awful! The truth is that this generation sees the work place a little bit differently, and that adds value to your business.

Millennials Are Here To Stay

It’s estimated that millennials make up 1/3 of the American workforce. People ages 19-35 will eventually overshadow the Baby Boomers and GenXers. They aren’t going anywhere! Furthermore, research shows that they have a large impact on work place trends. Older workers are more likely to shift their mindsets to the newcomers than vice versa. So don’t alienate your younger employees, embrace them.

They Are High Performing

No one can deny that the workplace has changed. Millennials lived through the recent economic downturn. They have missed out on company loyalty programs like pensions. Still, they want job security like anyone else. It’s likely they’ve gotten laid off at one point in their career. You can hardly blame them for job-hopping or resume gaps. However, this kind of experience leads to a special kind of resilience. They are quick to adapt and learn new skills easily. Given the right environment, they will be your highest performing employees. 

How To Attract Them

This generation flocks to companies that value their employees. They want perks like the ability to work from home or more vacation time. Connected and on-the-go, millennials perform efficiently and want an employer that understands this. And, studies show that flexible scheduling is one of the major factors in their job search. Work flexibility extends to the office as well. Their ideal layout includes private areas and collaborative spaces. As a result, this is exactly how office design is trending!
Millennials want the same thing everyone else wants at work: flexibility, opportunities for learning and growth, and meaningful relationships with coworkers. Therefore, taking these needs into consideration will benefit everyone in the office.

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