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How Millennials Are Impacting Office Culture


How Millennials Are Impacting Office Culture

How Millennials Are Impacting Office Culture

With the number of Millennials (ages 19-35) in the workforce on the rise, there’s little doubt that this population is changing traditional office culture. Sure, maybe they have a bad reputation in some respects, but overall there are more pros than cons to hiring – and keeping them.

The Movers and Shakers of the Office

One of the hallmark qualities of the Millennial employee is embracing change. Half of them were in the workforce during the huge economic downfall in 2008 and lost jobs. They had trouble finding jobs in their fields and had to think outside the box. These experiences taught them to expect change in the workplace as well as the importance of problem solving. This attitude keeps companies current and challenges old ideals. For example, Millennials are shifting office communication away from email and towards live chat, instant messaging, and other more tech-savvy tools. They appreciate new technology and drive companies to make change.

Office Hours Reflect More Freedom

Millennials are passionate about a lot of things, but work-life balance ranks high on the list. The option to work from home part or full time has become more and more mainstream. Smart phones make it easy to stay connected without being tethered to the office 9-5, and no one uses them better than the Millennials. In fact, lack of job flexibility is one of the major reasons young workers leave. 40% would like better parental leave policies, which pushes more companies to offer this as part of their benefit package.

Office Design Gets A Makeover

The traditional office cubicle is transitioning into more flexible office designs. Features like community tables, cafes/juice bars, and even game rooms are being added to office spaces. Millennials like to collaborate, they like to meet in coffee shops and brainstorm, and they understand that breaks during the workday improve productivity. It only makes sense to bring those environments into the workplace.


Millennials push boundaries, which often keeps companies striving to innovate. The desire to be on the cutting-edge is a powerful motivator. This younger workforce certainly brings a creative energy into office culture. As well as being progressively-minded, this population is also one of the highest educated groups in history. They are definitely an asset to your company. Don’t fear the Millennial, embrace the changes they are bringing!




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