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2017 Office Furniture Trends: Collaborative Office Cubicles


2017 Office Furniture Trends: Collaborative Office Cubicles

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2017 Office Furniture Trends: Collaborative Office Cubicles

What does 2017 hold for the office cubicle? Will the trend towards open office design continue? Or will the collaborative office cubicle lead the way? The answer is somewhere in the middle. Balance is the key for office designers and business leaders. They must consider the size and scope of their office spaces and how they will accommodate their workers in the next ten years, and beyond.

The office cubicle has changed shape over the years.  The once giant foursquare shell is a thing of the past.  Office cubicles have evolved into a functional workspace that takes up less floor space than before.  This evolution is in response to the changing dynamics of its workforce.  Businesses no longer have just full-time employees.  Nowadays, you’ll see a new pool of staff members from part-time associates, freelancers, contractors and commuter workforces.

So, meet the new player – collaborative office cubicles.  It’s the office cubicle of the future.

Collaborative office cubicles allow for lower walls, which in turn, creates more open spaces. You can also arrange collaborative office cubicles to conform to the changing needs of your workforce. Their varying heights allow you to create a new conference room or private office at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions.

Other benefits include:

Quick installation

All components are pre-manufactured making installation a breeze. Time is money. Limiting employee disruption for a shorter amount of time allows for business to continue.


You can choose from a variety of wall heights and finishes (including fabric, acoustic and laminate panels) to achieve your desired vision.

Ideal for rental space

No invasive or damaging construction required.


In addition to NEW office cubicles, ROSI Office Systems also has an in-house line of remanufactured workstations – called REcube.


Fewer high walls create a more open, inviting workstation where people feel comfortable and more connected. This helps to maintain good attitude and positive morale among employees.

2017 will continue to see the office cubicle used as “private” and quiet work cube in an open office environment. The traditional grid layout will find the old cubicle farm broken into sections – meeting pods, collaboration stations, employee lounges, etc. There may never again be a “one size fits all” approach to designing an office space.  Every business need is different as well as the needs of their employees.

Whether you are purchasing collaborative office cubicles, workfit office furniture in Houston, hot desking, or conference tables, it’s important to get the most benefits for your investment. For 25 years, ROSI Office Systems has designed productive office spaces for Houston and surrounding areas throughout Texas and Southwest Louisiana. Our project consultants will design office spaces that your employees will enjoy and grow with.  Our designs will take you into 2017 and years beyond. When you’re ready, contact us for a free consultation.

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