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4 Easy Ways To Say No To Annoying Distractions At Work


4 Easy Ways To Say No To Annoying Distractions At Work

4 Easy Ways To Say No To Annoying Distractions At Work

Distractions at work are not only annoying but can affect your work productivity. Have you ever have one of those days where despite your best efforts, your mind refuses to focus? Well, focus on work that is. Rather, you find yourself focusing on all of the distractions in your work environment.  Just sitting there drumming your fingers at your office desk for a long period of time is (not only bad for your health) but it’s not good for your work efficiency either. 

AND if you happen to work in an open office, your concentration levels are already challenged. If your open office is preventing you from getting the job done, it’s time to overcome these distractions.

Here are 4 simple ways to help keep distractions at work under control.

Use Office Partitions

No matter what type of office design you work in, having your own “space” is essential for focused work. Utilizing moveable office partitions is a great way to create the feeling of having your own space. They offer an easy and effective way to section-off an open plan room and provide workers with the privacy they need to focus on their tasks.  And, because they are temporary, the screens can move around to suit your changing needs.

Clean Up The Clutter

Your personal environment can have a huge impact on your ability to concentrate. Having a neat, tidy desk can help you to feel more organized which can in turn boost your attentiveness. The easiest way to declutter is to assess your workstation and determine what you really need. Make sure that your office supplies have a proper home and throw (or recycle) away any unnecessary paperwork.  Have a tray on your desk for incoming work and keep only the project you are working on in front of you. 

Take A Break

Your mindset can also play an important role when it comes to attention span. Taking regular breaks throughout the day is essential if you want to bounce back from stressful work demands. If you find that your mind is just not with it, change your scenery. Go for a walk. Do simple exercises at your office cubicle. Take a quick coffee break with a colleague. Any of these activities will allow you to regroup and work wonders for your concentration levels.

Go For Comfort

Improving your physical environment can also help boost productivity. If your office desk is too high, or your office chair is too low, it can cause your mind to stray from work and instead focus on your discomfort. Make sure that your chair, desk and computer screen are in an ergonomic position that allows you to work in comfort. 

At the end of the day, be sure to reflect on what you have accomplished and what you want to focus on tomorrow.  Write down your priorities for the next day and then review your list when you come in.  Even if the distractions at work kept your productivity down today, with a little preparation you’ll be way ahead of the game tomorrow. 

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