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Why Your Open Office Needs Clarus Glassboard Partitions


Why Your Open Office Needs Clarus Glassboard Partitions

Why Your Open Office Needs Clarus Glassboard Partitions

Nobody wants to work in an office space that’s dark or cramped. People want a spacious, light-filled workplace. It’s proven that aesthetically pleasing offices increase work output and boost employee morale.  That’s why open office designs are getting a fresh new look with the addition of Clarus Glassboard partitions.

With an increasing number of decentralized workers no longer needing their own designated workspace, open offices and shared spaces are becoming the norm. However, the open space can cause problems in terms of concentration capabilities and therefore productivity. Employees of open office design criticize the noise and distractions that come with it. But with the addition of Clarus Glassboard partitions, “open” doesn’t have to be 100%, open. Options such as moveable walls, glass partitions or presentation boards can help create some noise control. Clarus Glassboard partitions can give employees privacy, while still maintaining the open, collaborative feeling a lot of companies are striving for. Glass partitions add the benefits of an office cubicle with the minimum loss of space and intrusion.

Clarus Glass Partitions offer the best of open plan environments while providing closed off office areas.

ROSI Office Systems

Moveable Clarus Glass Partitions offers a clean, minimalistic appeal to interior office space planning.

Clarus glassboard partitions

Light passes through Clarus Glass Partitions enhancing employee comfort and reduced energy use.

ROSI Office Systems

Clarus Glassboards is the leader in glass whiteboards and glass visual display systems for offices, healthcare environments, educational institutions and other commercial spaces. Clarus Glassboards are made in the USA, eco-friendly and will last the life of your wall. To learn more about how Clarus Glassboards can add noise control and functionality to your office, contact ROSI Office Systems. At ROSI Office Systems, we understand office space. We provide answers to complex open office workplace challenges such as ergonomics, technology and noise pollution. Contact us, today!



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