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5 Tips To Pass The Time At A Boring Job


5 Tips To Pass The Time At A Boring Job

5 Tips To Pass The Time At A Boring Job

I’ve been watching the Olympics and like many people, noticed the lifeguards sitting at the Aquatics Center and thought that has to be the most boring job in the world! Aside from the fact that they have a front row seat to the action, they must think they serve very little purpose.

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Of course, everyone has felt bored at one time or another at his or her job. But for some people, it’s a chronic occurrence. Being forced to sit at your office desk with nothing to do that engages your interest except watching the clock tick away until it’s 5:00PM can lead to extreme work dissatisfaction and stress. Learning how to pass the time at a boring job can help you stay sane until you can get another one that is more challenging.

Make It Interesting

After you arrive at the office, force yourself to make what you do more interesting. It’s important for your mental well being to make it your mission to elevate your excitement level. Even if the work is repetitive, try and become the best. Nobody knows your job like you do, and you can make an impact.

Talk To Your Boss

If you are truly bored out of your mind, it’s time to request a meeting with your boss. If you’ve proven that you can handle your current workload and are an expert in what you do, walk into your boss’s office confident and prepared. Without stating you are bored, ask your boss if you could shadow other co-workers who have more exciting positions or ask for more responsibility. At the very least, you will have shown that you are eager to do more for the company, which may lead to more advancement in the future.

Keep Your Eyes Open

It’s important to keep your eyes open for other job opportunities within your organization. Don’t limit yourself to just jobs available in your current department as you may just be going from one boring job to another. Look for openings in other departments instead. Challenge yourself by not only seeking out opportunities but research the qualifications required and do what you need to do to make yourself a good candidate.

Get Up And Move

A boring job isn’t going to get better with eyestrain or muscle cramps. Every 20 minutes, take a break, rest your eyes, and consider a brisk walk (even if it’s just around the office). Every three hours, make time for a 5-20 minute brief workout (there are plenty of office exercises you can do in your office cubicle). Endorphins = happiness.

Get Better Office Furniture

Poor posture caused by bad office furniture can really wreak havoc on your happiness. Something as simple as tweaking how you sit can bolster your mood. If your company allows it, get a sit-to-stand office desk or an ergonomic office chair to help aid in your comfort. A happy employee is a more productive one.

If nothing is helping to get you out of the boring slump you’ve found yourself in, then perhaps it’s time to move along to another job. Take charge of your life and change it! Just don’t do this at work. Job-hunting should be done on your own time (and it’s something to look forward to after clocking out!).






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