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Standing or Seated Office Desks. Which Is Right For You?


Standing or Seated Office Desks. Which Is Right For You?

Standing or Seated Office Desks. Which Is Right For You?

Choosing the right office furniture can be an overwhelming task for any facility manager. With so many choices in the market today, it’s hard to know what trend to choose. Every year there are new and innovative achievements in office design within the industry. One such innovation that continues to gain popularity is the standing desk. Standing desks have continued to be a prevalent option of many progressive businesses because they encourage employee wellness and enhance worker productivity. But does this one-size fits all approach really address the needs of your employees?

We have taken a look at some of the benefits of standing and seated office desks, and explored why you might choose one over the other.

Standing Office Desks

What is a standing desk, you might ask? A standing desk is a desk that you work at while standing. You can pair it easily with a leaning stool, as well. There are a number of reasons why a standing desk can be the perfect choice for your office environment but one of the main reasons for incorporating a standing desk in the workplace is to increase productivity. In addition, standing desks are height adjustable and easily adaptable to the workplace. Because of that, they are ideal for shared spaces. The act of sitting at an office desk often means people will take more time than they need to, but a standing desk can lead to better efficiency.

Regular Seated Office Desks

Although it is often claimed that being seated for long periods of the day can lead to sitting disease, there are also claims that standing for long periods of time is not good for you either. Increased amounts of standing can be dangerous for the feet, legs, back and circulatory system. For people who spend most or all of their day at an office desk, standing can be tiresome and irritating. With ergonomic workspaces and office chairs, employees are able to experience better support for their back than ever before.

Which one is right for you?

With health risks associated with either standing or seated desks – which is the better choice for your workplace? Well, the answer is that both of them can be, depending on your business needs. ROSI Office Systems has always believed that a good office design should be varied. We like the idea of giving employees the freedom to move to a standing office desk for a meeting or decide to sit down when they write up a proposal.

One of the best features of standing desks is that they can be easily lowered to regular desk height and offer great flexibility. Investing in a sit/stand desk means that if your employees do need to spend prolonged periods at a desk on certain days, they can raise and lower the desk as required.

Whatever you decide, ROSI Office Systems is here to help. We are knowledgeable office design experts. We can work with you and your facility managers to design the right office and select the right office furniture in Houston for your business needs. Our goal is to create incredible workspaces that boost productivity while upgrading the look of your office environment. Contact us, today!


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