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5 Standing Desk Tips To Keep You Healthy And Productive


5 Standing Desk Tips To Keep You Healthy And Productive

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5 Standing Desk Tips To Keep You Healthy And Productive

How many years has it been since you first started thinking about getting a standing desk? Waiting for the novelty to wear off? If that’s the case, you might be waiting a long time. The popularity of standing desks continues to grow, especially for those that work at home.  Many think about using a standing desk to prevent serious health issues (i.e. sitting disease) such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity. With many people jumping on the standing desk bandwagon, some aren’t researching how to use one and are ending up experiencing a whole other set of problems. To avoid these problems, it’s important to use your standing desk correctly. Here are some standing desk tips to keep you healthy and productive:

Use Adjustable-Height

Many people who are new to standing desks will often embrace the novelty of the desk for just a few days, then return to their usual sitting position every day going forward. To build the habit of standing at your desk, make sure to get a model that allows you to adjust the height. Then, you can start standing for short periods of time. Try standing for 20 minutes, and then break for 60-90 minutes. Then another 20 minutes of standing. Eventually, you can build up to the point of standing for a long, comfortable session.

Go Wireless

If you are frequently lowering or adjusting your desk throughout the day, you run the risk of getting wires tangled up behind or below your workspace. Free up room and create a clean desk as much as possible with your office technology. Start with a wireless mouse and keyboard. Add a touch lamp that’s battery or solar-powered. Ask your IT department for VoIP phone options as well as flexible videoconferencing options that can be connected via Bluetooth.

Use an Anti-Fatigue Mat

People who stand for long periods of time should use an anti-fatigue mat. This will provide support for your feet and relieve pressure on your heels, back, legs, and shoulders. In addition to the cushiness of an anti-fatigue mat, it keeps you ever-so-slightly off-balance, which makes you contract the muscles in your shins and calves. This contraction of muscles pushes your blood back up to your core to be re-oxygenated.

Wear Proper Footwear

Some may be tempted to just use everyday work shoes, bare feet or even slippers when using a standing desk. That’s not advisable because your body relies on your feet to keep you standing strong, thus proper support is crucial for your overall health. Just like proper posture when sitting is important, proper standing is also important, and supportive shoes help this tremendously. Running or walking shoes will provide the most support.

Use Good Posture

Lastly, when you are using your desk in standing position, try and focus on good posture. Imagine your head touching the ceiling with your shoulders back. Keep your arms positioned at a true 90-degree angle when typing. The computer screen should be at eye-level and your monitor positioned at least an arm’s length away.

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The bottom line is that using a standing desk can be really great for your health. However, a standing desk can be difficult to get used to and can even cause problems when not used correctly. Try the tips on this list to maximize the benefits of your standing desk while minimizing the risks.

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