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7 Reasons Why It’s Good Business For Employees To Work From Home

7 Reasons Why It’s Good Business For Employees To Work From Home

Thanks to advancements in technology, working from home is a possibility for many workers. I’ve been able to enjoy working from home for nearly 5 years and I’ve found 7 solid reasons why it’s good businesses to allow employees work from home. Don’t get me wrong; there are certainly times when face-to-face interaction, collaboration and physical presence in the office are essential for success. But for the most part, it’s smart business to let your employees work from home at least once a week. Here’s why:

Save Money On Office Space

This is one of the most obvious benefits. If employees don’t need to work in the office every day, then providing a large office or a lot variety of office furniture is unnecessary. For those times when employees do have to stop into the office, simply provide workstations (hot desking) that employees can use for the day.

Increased Employee Job Satisfaction

What employee doesn’t appreciate having the option to work from home? Allow your workers to enjoy working in the peace and quiet of their own home to stay focused. According to a study done by Staples Advantage, workers who were allowed to work from home reported much higher levels of job satisfaction and better work-life balance. Home workers reported 25% lower stress levels, 73% said they ate healthier working from home, 76% were more loyal to their company and 80% reported a better work-life balance.

Reduced Sick Days

People usually call off work not because they can’t work, but more because they don’t want to spread illness in the office. Working on a company project at home, is much more doable for employees dealing with a cold or other mild sickness. You can expect your employees to take fewer sick days when they have the option to work from home.

Better Commutes 

Working from home means employees get to start and end their day with sanity and peace. These workers will be able to devote the time it normally takes to drive to and from work and put it directly towards their work tasks and responsibilities. Not to mention the savings employees will receive from gas expense and wear and tear on their car.

Increased Productivity

Employees who are able to get away from talkative co-workers, micromanaging bosses, endless meetings, and other distractions at work will get more work accomplished at home. It also allows employees a higher amount concentration and focus.

More Family Time

For those with children, working from home can mean additional time together. Working from home also insures that you don’t miss out on school activities. A flexible work at home schedule can adapt to include time spent enjoying more family activities. In addition, working from home means you can spend more time with your pets. It’s proven that being around loving animals reduces your stress level overall and keeps those lonely feelings away.

Lower Maintenance Wardrobe

Not working in an office allows employees to spend less money on expensive work clothes. Transitioning from working in a suit and tie to working in yoga pants – or jeans and a T-shirt – will save employees lots of money over the long run.

More Personalized Office Setup

Working from home, workers can enjoy their office desk set up just the way they like it, fully equipped with office supplies and accessories supplied by employees. Working from home ensures employees are working with a setup that makes them most productive.

Offices are great in their own way but the benefits of working from home at least once a week will yield happier employees with a more manageable work-life balance.  And while it may not be ideal for every worker and business, you owe yourself, and your bottom line, to consider it. The cost savings are simply too big to ignore.

Article updated April 5, 2024


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