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Glassboards - The Whiteboard of the Future


Glassboards – The Whiteboard of the Future


No matter how paperless your workplace becomes, there seems to always be a need for sharing ideas in writing. Why? Well, we love the freedom to write, sketch, and collaborate at a moment’s notice. In fact, it would be difficult to find any office without some kind of wall-sized writing surface. So, what’s all the buzz about glassboards? What makes them different than your standard whiteboard?

orange glassboard tabletopVersatility

Glassboards are so versatile – they can be free standing, wall mounted, partitions, and more! Industry leader Clarus Glassboards makes over 250,000 customization combinations across multiple product lines. There is truly a glassboard for every need – here are just some of the options. 

  • Clarus go! Mobile – Mobile dividers can be used to give privacy in open offices. Choose your frame size, color, caster style, and more. You’ll get a completely custom writable surface that moves wherever it’s needed. 
  • Clarus View Projection Glass –  High definition, cinema-quality projection glass that doubles as a writing surface. These are a beautifully designed space saving solution for any office. 
  • Clarus Healthboard – Printed templates on glass for common healthcare applications like in-room patient information. Glassboards are the cleanest, bacteria resistant writable surfaces available. Because they wipe clean every time, there’s no risk of compromising patient information or care from “ghosting” of previous notes.
  • Clarus Divide – A desk divider glassboard helps with distraction, but also allows for collaboration. They work with virtually any desk system and mount to any surface. Choose any color to match your decor!
  • Clarus Wall2Wall – Forget drywall! Wrap your whole office in sleek writable glass. Wall2Wall glassboards make a beautiful architectural statement. 


Glassboards wipe completely clean every time (even with permanent marker) and don’t stain. They never develop “ghosting” so common with traditional whiteboards. The tempered safety glass will outlast any other writing surface in the office. This eliminates the need to buy whiteboards year after year when they become unreadable – an investment that is sure to pay you back. Just a one time purchase of a glassboard saves you money and hassle over the life of your business.


Clarus Glassboards are sleek, modern, and airy. They elevate the look of a historically boring, but necessary piece of equipment. Customize the colors and finishes to not only fit into your office style but to actually enhance it. Glassboards add architectural interest to any space, without compromising the light feel of an open office. Go Wall2Wall for a dramatic effect, turning your whole workplace into a canvas for inspiration. Regardless of the type of glassboard you choose, you’ll have a completely custom product that never looks cookie-cutter. 

With so many solutions, Clarus Glassboards can meet any need your company has for a stylish, quality writing surface. Whether you need movable walls or partition dividers for cubicles, using a glassboard increases the functionality of any space. Plus, all Clarus glassboards are made right here in the USA! ROSI can help you choose the right glassboard for any application, so contact us today for a free consultation!

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