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The Best 2019 Office Design Trends


The Best 2019 Office Design Trends

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The Best 2019 Office Design Trends

With every new year comes a new opportunity for a fresh start. Studies show that the average employee will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime. This New Year, make the office an awesome place to work. Add in these ‘Best 2019 Office Design Trends’ and employees will get a fresh start in the new year. Here’s how you can make your office the coolest place to work in 2019.

When in doubt, go green.

office trends in 2019Biophilic office design is an increasingly popular method for updating the office and keeping it in-style. Biophilic design has been a mainstay on Office Design Trend lists. By adding colorful indoor plants and small trees, employers can improve the office aesthetic and air quality. Indoor plants remove pollutants from stale office air and increase oxygen. Imagine leaving work every day with a handful of fresh herbs grown at the office? Biophilic office design is a trendy, easy, affordable and beautiful way to give your office a beneficial upgrade this year.

Come together, right now.

privacy nook for the officeIf your office is lacking a stylish and comfortable communal space, it’s time for you to upgrade with a collaborative office design. Collaborative office design trends promote a more natural and nurturing work space where employees can feel free to interact with each other, or focus alone in private. Many offices lack the balance between private work space and collaborative, open space.

Consider a trendy nook to the office by adding a small office couch and bookshelf near a natural light source. This will provide employees with a comfortable and energizing space to work. A place to escape the mind-numbing walls of the cubicle or small office.

Consider adding communal spaces too. They encourage employee collaboration. Open lounge seating is important if employees spend most of their time independently. Social isolation can be a risk factor for depression. Adding stylish and comfortable conference areas, conversational furniture layouts or glass partitions can greatly improve office morale and keep the workplace trendy and friendly. 

Think outside the cube.

2018’s most popular places to work had one thing in common: innovative and stylish office design with no cubicles in sight. The Facebook, Inc. office, for example, was rated the #1 place to work, according to employees in 2018. Facebook’s office design focuses on health, openness, and art. Employees work on bright colored office sofas, in communal café style office spaces, and even in the “rooftop garden”.

Offices with designs that foster creativity, wellness and movement consistently uphold reputations for being wonderful places to work. The benefit of ditching the cubes reaches far beyond office trendiness; studies show that the reward and pleasure centers of the brain are triggered by views of outdoors and colorful landscapes. What does this mean for employees? Their pleasure and productivity can be achieved and maintained by shifting to a more open, stylish office design. Keeping up with the latest office trends is not only good for style, it may be the key to retaining employees and keeping them happy in the new year.

If you’d like to create some of these trends in your business, we can help. Contact us today to get started.


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