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2017 Office Trend: Writable Walls


2017 Office Trend: Writable Walls

2017 Office Trend: Writable Walls

Did you ever get in trouble for writing on the walls as a kid? Maybe in sharpie? Get ready to unleash your inner child because this office trend is on the rise. We’re seeing more and more whiteboards and glass walls at the office. Why are these becoming so popular?

Office Collaboration

Need to have a quick meeting? Don’t wait for that conference room to open up, just let the creative juices flow where ever you find that dry-erase pen. Accessibility to writable walls encourages collaboration. Never lose that million dollar idea again while searching for a pen and paper!

Sleek Office Design

Writable walls come in many styles and sizes, so it’s easy to add them to any office layout or design. Custom surfaces are available in finishes like colored glass and printed templates. Glass boards are so versatile they can be used in applications like healthcare, engineering/design, education, and more!


Office Trend: Clarus Glassboards

A real life American Dream story, Clarus Glassboards started in a garage in Fort Worth, TX by 2 twenty-somethings. It’s now the largest manufacturer of glass boards in the country, and every product is still made right here in the USA. Clarus focuses on high quality and customizations and their customers couldn’t be happier.

When you choose Clarus, you have fully customizable options:

  • Any size up to 72” x 144”
  • Custom shapes
  • Endless colors
  • Custom printing

Did you know an average white board only lasts about 2-4 years? Most are replaced due to discoloration. Investing in a Clarus Glassboard means you’ll never have to replace another whiteboard again. Your glass board will never stain or ghost! The total cost of ownership of a Clarus Glassboard is much lower than traditional solutions.

Glass boards can be free-standing, wall mounted, and even integrated into furniture. Whether you need movable walls or a small writing surface in your office, glass boards are both functional and aesthetic. This is one office trend that’s here to stay.

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