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Make Learning Part of Your Office Culture


Make Learning Part of Your Office Culture

Make Learning Part of Your Office Culture

With advancements in technology and competitive markets, it’s more important than ever to stay at the top of your game. Make learning a priority in your office culture, and you’ll encourage employees keep their skills sharp.

Why Your Office Culture Should Include Learning

A learning office culture gives employees opportunities for growth and adds more value to your company. Research shows it increases productivity, profit, and employee satisfaction. Employees take more ownership of their work experience, leading to less turnover.

Start At The Beginning

When hiring new employees, target your search to those who are attracted to a learning environment. After hiring is complete, make sure you have a clear training program in place to get those new employees up and running. Many companies still do not have structured new-hire training! Set up a mentor-ship program to continue training on the job and boost team building.

Continuing Education

The learning shouldn’t stop once an employee becomes competent in their tasks! They should feel encouraged to take training sessions, attend seminars, or even go back to school for advanced degrees. Incentive based programs like tuition reimbursement work really well. A little competition also helps to light the fire for learning. Put out a schedule of all the educational training offered throughout the year. Some of these can even be done at home with online programs. Whoever logs the most hours wins a prize! Recognition of achievement is a powerful motivator and should not be ignored.

The Student Becomes the Teacher

One of the best ways team build is to have a peer or coworker do the teaching! If one of your staff has a special skill, ask them to share it and host a workshop. Teaching builds confidence and develops leadership skills. Students are more invested in material presented by a friend or coworker.

Learning should be an integral part of your office culture. As a result, you will develop a more skilled, passionate team. The new hires of today will grow into the leaders of tomorrow.


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