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Latest Office Trend - Organize Your Office By Color


Latest Office Trend – Organize Your Office By Color

Latest Office Trend – Organize Your Office By Color

Many people struggle with organization, but a new office trend will make this chore easy and fun. A tidy desk saves time and hassle. If you want to get more organized this year, try using color to help!

Office Trend: Organize with Color

Color plays an important role in our mood, which is why choosing the right color for your walls makes a difference at work. But, it can also help with organization in many ways.

Plan Your Day

Using a planner is a great way to keep on top of tasks. Implementing some color-coding will take it to the next level. Use one color for meetings, a different color for personal appointments, and so on. You’ll be able to get a quick understanding of your day at a glance. If you have a desk or wall calendar, use the same format to enter details there as well. Prefer a virtual calendar? You can customize your colors there too!

Take Notes

Next time you’re in a meeting or training, bring a few colors with you to help you organize your notes. Stick to bright colors because they are easier to read. This works for digital notes also. If you need to refer to them later, it will be easier to find the correct subject matter. Plus, it will help you stay engaged and alert!

Tackle Your Filing System

Even in the digital age, there is a need for keeping files. Instead of relying on those little hard-to-read labels, add some color into your filing cabinet. You can use colored folders as well as different colored pens for labeling. It won’t take anymore time to use the new systems, but it will make sorting through them much faster! It’s a win-win! Assign departments different colors to make those stacks of inter-office mail easier to deliver.

Not unlike other office trends, this one is simple to execute but gives you a lot of bang for your buck. Investing a little time now converting your current systems to a color-coded version will pay off in the long run in time savings!







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