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What Does Your Desk Say About You?


What Does Your Desk Say About You?

What Does Your Desk Say About You?

We all know you only get one chance to make a first impression, so what does your office desk say about you? Does it say “I’m a hot mess so don’t include me on that new high-profile project?” Take a good look around your workspace. If you need a place to start, here are some key areas to focus on when trying to dress your desk for success.

Office Desk Organization

If your office desk is constantly covered in papers, you may want to implement an organizational system to clear the clutter. Even if you always meet deadlines, appearing disorganized can affect how your coworkers interact with you (see hot mess above). In fact, you may already think you’re getting the side eye from passersby – a recent study shows that 57% of people with messy desks feel judged by their coworkers. 


Aside from appearances, there is evidence to suggest that clutter negatively impacts productivity and motivation. In fact, 77% of Americans feel that clutter damages their productivity.

Where should you start? Consider adding filing cabinets, shelves, or cubbies with baskets or drawers to your space. Even desk organizers like filing trays can help right away with keeping desk clutter at bay. If you are short on desk space, try something like a hanging panel organizer. Whichever method you choose, get a jumpstart on Spring cleaning your desk, and see if it makes a difference for you.

Office Desk Ergonomics

Take the time to talk to your employer about making ergonomic changes to your space. 

Not only do features like sit-to-stand desks have health benefits for you, they also have an effect on the office as a whole. Research shows that standing at least part of your day increases productivity. This tells those around you that you’re serious about your health and your work.

If you don’t have a job that’s conducive to standing (or even walking) part time, investing in an ergonomic office chair will make you more comfortable. Believe it or not, comfort equates to more focus and productivity as less time is spent distracted by pain, shifting positions, etc. 

Office Decor

This is the ultimate test in striking a balance. While a barren space can be perceived as cold and unwelcoming, an overly- enthusiastic display of family photos and trinkets can lead to a cluttered look.

Try a streamlined collection of a family photo or two, some inspirational quotes, and any awards or achievements you may have received. Using similar frames will keep the overall look clean and sophisticated.

A vase with fresh flowers or a live plant goes along way to brighten not only your day, but others’ in the office as well. Certain plants also help purify the air – a welcome addition to most offices.

Taking into account these points, how does your desk rate? Would you consider making changes to make a better first impression?

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